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50 Cent Working On TV Series 8 Mile With Eminem Participation

50 Cent Working On TV Series 8 Mile With Eminem Participation

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Eminem’s contributions to the world of hip hop cannot be forgotten in any way. Artists like Skylar Gray are still excited to work with him even at this point. He is also a very close friend of 50 Cent and the two are truly inseparable. They have worked together in the past and now 50 Cent and Eminem appear to be working together on an ‘8 Mile’ TV series.

Eminem certainly has humble beginnings, starting out very poor and living in a trailer park. Its growth is certainly an inspiration to fans and peers around the world. This was highlighted in the film 8 Mile, which was based a little on his own life.

50 Cent has a few friends in the music industry, but none is as close to him as Eminem. The two have been friends for a very long time and have worked together on numerous occasions. This includes his series “BMF”. While speaking on BigBoyTV, 50 Cent announced that he and Eminem are collaborating on a television series, 8 Mile.

“I’m going to put 8 Mile on TV. We are on the move. Eminem will be there too and it’s going to be big.”

50 Cent also believes Eminem isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. We’ll have to wait and see when the 8 Mile TV series will finally be released as fans would love to see it come out as soon as possible. Needless to say, there is now a lot of hype behind the upcoming TV series.

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