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A hopeful sign for a long-term future?

A hopeful sign for a long-term future?

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The Blacklist season 9 artis The Black List Will season 10 be the last on NBC? That’s a big question that’s been floating around out there for quite some time.

Still, nothing is confirmed on that particular subject, but at least we have reason to be a little more hopeful than before. If you recall, there were some reports in late summer that the network was considering not airing new shows at 10:00 p.m. Eastern with the idea that it would be a way to save them a little money. Keep in mind that we are in a time where everyone is trying to cut costs to the point that some networks/services like HBO Max and Starz are removing things from their own platforms that were once considered original property.

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Happily, meeting reported late last month that this will no longer be considered, at least for the 2023/24 season. That means NBC will have the same time on their schedule as they have in the past.

How will this affect The Blacklist in the long term?

Since the James Spader drama doesn’t air at 10 p.m., it would be easy to dismiss this whole story as irrelevant. However, to be honest, the situation is a bit more complicated. If NBC cut an hour, it would have caused other shows to be postponed, and it could easily have been a casualty. If you keep the 10:00 hour there is a better chance of Season 11. Nothing is guaranteed but remember the show is making SO much money on Netflix all over the world. We’re inclined to think Studio Sony is working hard with NBC to keep it up, and the same Deadline report noted that NBC is trying to prioritize proceedings going forward. The Black List has at least some elements of that built into the premise.

Keep in mind here that Season 10 is currently premiering on February 26th at 8pm EST.

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Do you think The Blacklist season 10 will be the last on NBC?

Let us know below! Once you’ve done just that, come back later for other updates. (Photo: NBC.)

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