A special sticker with the hope of preventing catalytic converter theft

A special sticker with the hope of preventing catalytic converter theft

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CHICAGO — Chicago police have teamed up with auto repair shops to install some special stickers to deter would-be catalytic converter thieves.

Midwest Performance crews in West Fulton worked with officers from the Chicago Police Department’s 12th Precinct to try to help residents and officers.

Andy Bizub, who owns the business, said catalyst thefts are very fast crimes.

“60 seconds, that’s really fast,” Bizub said.

And then it’s resold for $50 to a few hundred dollars. Owners are left with a much higher price to replace them.

This is where the special stickers come into play.

“There’s an acid etch in here,” Bizub said. “Once you put the decal on, the acid etches the numbers into the catalytic converter. These numbers will remain and it will still be traceable.

Julie Darling of the West Loop Community Group and a member of the Police District Advisory Committee hopes the stickers will allow police to track the theft and apprehend the perpetrators.

The group asked for help in rolling out these stickers in the community with the money for the program provided by the local councilor’s office.

“Do you think through the fundraiser we bought a total of 500 stickers,” Darling said. “More such events will follow.”

In addition to the sticker, the lettering “CPD” is sprayed on each converter.

“If the thief goes down, hopefully they’ll switch to a car that’s unmarked,” Bizub said.

WATCH: Catalyst thieves stop at Lamborghini in California

Some police departments already had these events.

It is expected that others will follow suit, depending on the funds made available by the offices of the respective city councils.

If you’re interested in learning more about an event in your area, keep an eye on your police district’s social media pages.

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