A woman uses fake money to buy lottery tickets

A woman uses fake money to buy lottery tickets

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Police are trying to identify a woman they allege used fake tickets to buy lottery tickets at a convenience store in northwest Oklahoma City and then cashed in her winnings.

According to MSgt, the suspect was gone before the cashier even realized the bills were fake. said Dillon Quirk of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The woman was allegedly caught on camera buying four lottery tickets from a drive-through window near Northwest 10th Street and Meridian Avenue before driving away, according to authorities.

On December 27, around six a.m., a woman drove through the Discount Tobacco and Beer Drive-Thru demanding four lottery tickets, according to employees. She later deposited two counterfeit $100 bills, which authorities said the workers were unaware of.

According to Quirk, “We’ve had cases where counterfeit money was used or where people would just walk into a store and take advantage of the fact that the cashier wasn’t paying attention and run away.”

The clerk, who dialed 911, revealed to KOCO 5 that she had purchased four Ultimate Million lottery tickets, valued at $50 each. The suspect released three of them; the Oklahoma Lottery Commission had recently sold them.

Police said they could not identify the suspect or the car’s license plate number. They only have snapshots taken by a security camera.

“Typically, the victim feels a sense of urgency or haste to complete the transaction in circumstances like these that involve fraudulent activity,” Quirk said.

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