According to experts, holding the PS5 vertically could permanently damage it

According to experts, holding the PS5 vertically could permanently damage it

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According to various hardware experts, there is a possibility of holding the PlayStation 5 vertically that the console will be permanently damaged. Originally discovered by wololo.netHardware experts and shop owners are tweeting about this PS5 issue, which they attribute to a design flaw.

How does this PS5 problem occur?

According to user 68 logic, who owns a hardware repair shop in France, the problem is that the liquid metal used to cool the APU could overflow and damage other components. The seal between the APU and the cooler is firmly pressed, so this problem should not occur. But various hardware experts see this happening in newer models of the PS5 as well.

If the gasket is moved or damaged, the liquid can spill onto parts of the motherboard. Therefore, there is a possibility that it will be permanently corrupted and the entire console will stop working. There are cases where a fresh PS5 won’t even boot because of this.

If the motherboard is not damaged, a cooling issue may remain, causing the PS5 to overheat after a short period of time. This would lead to higher energy consumption and ultimately reduce the lifespan of the console. According to hardware experts, this is more likely to happen when the PlayStation 5 is held vertically.

Youtuber Cod3r says that this issue is due to a design flaw by Sony. He demonstrates this problem by opening an unpacked PS5 that has been standing upright for months. It shows the PS5 not booting up. He later discovers that the liquid metal has overflowed from the APU.

This problem isn’t widespread yet, but it’s something to be aware of if you own a PS5. Hardware experts hope Sony will acknowledge this design flaw and fix it in newer models.

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