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Action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd version 6.3 will be released later next week

Action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd version 6.3 will be released later next week

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HoYoverse just announced that the version 6.3 update of their game Honkai Impact 3rd will be released on January 12th. In this version update, titled Symphony of Truth, players will witness Bronya’s journey of self-discovery and metamorphosis as she finally understands the Ruler of Reason’s legacy and transforms into the Ruler of Truth.

Bronya: Ruler of Truth is an IMG-type ice DMG dealer that can support teammates while also dishing out significant DMG in combat. It can freely switch between two forms: extremum and continuation.

In Extremum Form, she dances gracefully and fights with speed with her engineered lance, while in Continuation Form, she constructs a futuristic exoskeleton and unleashes powerful attacks to bombard enemies.

honkai impact 3rd bronya jan 6 screenshot2

In the upcoming story chapter XXXIV (34), the new main story will unfold in a more familiar setting, with the protagonists returning to Earth. Story stages and a new challenge mode called Chaotic Dimension will be available. Players can take turns playing Special Stages with three different characters. Each character also has an exclusive set of abilities, and each level has special mechanics that work with the character’s exclusive abilities. Daily tiers and challenge tiers grant shop tokens that can be exchanged for various limited-time rewards.

honkai impact 3rd bronya jan 6 screenshot3

In addition, the special event Bustling Holiday Symphony will also be available. The adventure takes players to a tourist attraction that is still under construction. Characters from St. Freya and Golden Courtyard will gather in a mystical maze and the two factions will compete against each other. To fight for victory, players must complete landscape tasks in specific areas to build up their faction’s exploration progress, unlock exclusive areas, and defeat the boss.

The faction with the highest exploration contribution wins! Players can participate in various exploration activities to read event stories and receive special rewards. Finally, the developer also announced that a special anime centered around the thirteen guests of Golden Courtyard will premiere on January 20, 2023 with two episodes totaling 30 minutes.

honkai impact 3rd featured event

You can check out the full version 6.3 trailer below:

Honkai Impact 3rd takes place in a modern world corrupted by a mysterious energy called Honkai. A stubborn resistance formed by Valkyries, brave girls with anti-Honkai genes, is leading humanity in a war of survival and fighting for all that is beautiful in the world. Version 6.3 Symphony of Truth will be released on January 12, 2023 for iOS, Android and PC.

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