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Age, Wiki, Career and Education

Age, Wiki, Career and Education

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Harry Dunn Capitol Police is one of the most popular award winning police officers. Harry Dunn came into the limelight after describing his recurring trauma of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol on ABC’s Pierre Thomas Show and describing how he went through that pain.

Earlier, Harry Dunn bravely defended the US Capitol and members of Congress during the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol. After that he won many popular awards and people got to know his story and now people want to know his age, football career and family details.

Harry Dunn Capitol PoliceHarry Dunn Capitol Police

Harry Dunn was born to his African American mother, Charlotte Charles, and his African father. Harry Dunn grew up with his sisters and brothers. Harry Dunn has never revealed the names of his brothers and sisters.

Age, Wiki & Biography

Harry Dunn was born on September 25, 1983 in Pennsylvania, USA. Now Harry Dunn is 38 years old. Harry Dunn was a good attacking football player and he was one of the best attacking players on the team.

Harry Dunn attended James Madison University in 2001 and studied Public Health Sciences Education and PhD in 2006. Harry Dunn is an American citizen.

Harry Dunn’s career

Harry Dunn is an American police officer with the United States Capitol Police and he won the award from Dunn waa, who previously testified in the trial of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Harry Dunn was a good offensive football player and a good basketball player.

Harry Dunn was a football, basketball and track captain in Surrattsville. When Harry Dunn became a senior, he became an All-League OL and All-County and Team MVP in his college team’s basketball. Harry Dunn led the football team in power blocks.

Aside from basketball and soccer, he was also an athletics shot putter and as a junior earned an honorable mention in soccer and was a leader in basketball for rebounding and blocked shots.

Harry Dunn’s wife

Harry Dunn is a married man and according to reports, Harry Dunn married Danyel Moncree. Harry Dunn and Danyel Moncree married a few years ago and the couple are also parents to their children.

Height and weight of Harry Dunn

Harry Dunn is a 6ft 7in tall man and if we calculate this enormous height in centimetres, it comes to 200cm. He has a very large body and his weight is almost 147 kg which is 325 lbs or pounds.

Harry Dunn has a very big personality due to his sporting talent as he was a soccer player, basketball player, shot putter and many more. Harry Dunn has black hair and black eyes.

frequently asked Questions

Who is Harry Dunn?

Harry Dunn is a 38-year-old officer with the United States Capitol Police.

How old is Harry Dunn?

Harry Dunn is 38 years old.

Where is Harry Dunn’s birthplace?

Harry Dunn was born in Pennsylvania, USA.

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