Alert: Missing Persons Unit reunites Scott Caan and Dania Ramirez in very different roles from their Entourage days

Alert: Missing Persons Unit reunites Scott Caan and Dania Ramirez in very different roles from their Entourage days

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“One day I got a call from [Jamie Foxx’s] Production partner Datari Turner, and he said he wanted to pitch me with an idea for a show,” recalled John Eisendrath, co-creator and executive producer of Alert: Missing Persons Unit, of the first conversation he had about the premiere of the new FOX crime series led tonight at 8/7c. “The first thing he said was, ‘How about something about Amber Alert and the people who are missing?’ And I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a really great idea for a show.’ And he explained to me that one afternoon Jamie had an experience where he thought his child was gone. And it wasn’t, but for about six or seven hours he wasn’t sure what happened. And after that happened to him, he started researching the people who found missing persons and it intrigued him. That’s basically what Datari told me and I agreed, I thought it was a great idea.”

(Steve Wilkie/FOX)

(Steve Wilkie/FOX)

Alert: Missing Persons Unit focuses on a formerly married couple whose marriage did not survive the unsolved case of their own missing son. “To deal with the idea of ​​your son disappearing and then coming back and you’re not sure if it really is your son, playing with those ideas week after week, month after month, episode after episode is unprecedented,” Scott said Caan said about his role as Jason Grant. “For me, this is without question the most complicated thing I’ve ever done… I’m learning more about myself. I’m learning a ton about acting. There’s just so much going on and I think it’s definitely more intense than anything I’ve ever done, in a really nice, good way. And I don’t want to sound too silly or cheesy, but if you like to be creative, if you like to immerse yourself as an actor, there isn’t much out there that offers more complicated problem-solving as an actor than this show has been for me, and I think I knew that me immediately. It’s really challenging and I think the second we’re not being challenged in what we’re doing, we should just stop, you know? It’s not something I can just show off without thinking too much about it. And that’s what excites me about it, and that’s why people are going to be excited to see the show, because we’re literally trying to figure things out all the time. There’s nothing else out there that I’ve ever seen anyway.”

“The acting is very therapeutic,” agreed Dania Ramirez, who plays Nikki Batista, Jason’s ex-wife and head of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit (MPU). “It’s not something you can turn off immediately.” Emotions run high on a show like Alert, and it’s not just something the actors feel. “Our crew and the people that we work with every day, the writers, the people that are here and our other castmates, we become our own family outside of what we film every day, and I think we have those Support system to really get through this and be like, ‘Okay, that’s it. Let’s put it aside and now our lives move on and we must find a way to pick ourselves up.’ But it is very difficult. And it’s interesting because we were on Entourage together and what a different vibe it was because it’s fun and we were different people back then. We didn’t have any children then. We didn’t really know each other. We didn’t have any scenes together. So I could say that maybe we played together. We hung out. Who we were then and who we are now is a whole different ballgame, and being parents and dealing with a show that has to deal with missing children is something we hold dear, and it’s hard to leave it behind.”

“We were really lucky,” said Michael Thorn, President of Scripted Programming at FOX Entertainment, when casting Scott and Dania. “You read these scripts and you imagine that Jason and Nikki have this story and you just hope that your leads are going to have the kind of chemistry that Dania and Scott had. So we’re so lucky to have them both because individually they’re great, but when you put them together in their character dynamics, they shine together.”

Rooted in the mystery of what happened to her son reuniting Jason and Nikki, audiences will be on fire for her success. “Lots of TV is wish fulfillment,” concluded John Eisendrath. “When we meet her, Scott’s character is dating a woman and Dania’s character is engaged to someone else, so it’s the most complicated situation imaginable. But for them, I was hoping that they would be able to navigate this incredibly turbulent space with love, friendship, and humor, and they do a great job of making that feel real. And I think that’s exactly what I was hoping for. I think people will see them as ex-couples, as colleagues, as co-parents, and will feel like they’re doing an amazing job moving through an incredibly difficult and dramatic situation.”

Alert: Missing Persons Unit premieres tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

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