Andrew Tate is caught ‘branding’ young girls.

Andrew Tate is caught ‘branding’ young girls.

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Former kickboxer Andrew Tate recently faced backlash on Twitter. Tate was recently arrested by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organized crime group, according to Reuters. According to several reports, a pizza box helped police officers narrow down Tate’s whereabouts. Tate had posted a video clip of himself in a Versace robe smoking a cigar while a person off-camera handed him two boxes of Jerry’s Pizza, a popular Romanian chain.

It was determined that his arrest could have been due to the pizza boxes just a day after the video was released, 9News reported. The report said the boxes may have helped Romanian police determine his location. Authorities reportedly used the video “as proof he was in the country,” according to a report in The Independent.

The video featured a pizza box bearing the name of the company that manufactured and supplied the Italian delicacy.

Women who worked for accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate have been branded with permanent tattoos “owned by Tate,” according to a new report The New York Post.

The disturbing tattoos were seen in sex cam videos as part of the imprisoned influencer’s operation in Romania, which investigators say was a violence-based sex trafficking operation by a gang. Police sources told the Times of London.

“It’s not about owning it, it’s about him owning her, and the intimate parts of her body belong to him because they’re in a relationship,” Tate said said Barstool Sports in July.

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