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Android Auto’s split-screen redesign is finally starting to roll out

Android Auto’s split-screen redesign is finally starting to roll out

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It also brings new smart suggestions supported by wizards

Android Auto Coolwalk theme graphics.

Google unveiled an updated Android Auto UI, codenamed Coolwalk, during its I/O developer conference last year. It features a new split-screen layout that can simultaneously display navigation, music playback controls, and more. Although Google said the redesign would roll out to users “this summer,” it didn’t come with the Android Auto 8.0 update in August. The company launched it in beta in November and now it’s finally reaching all users.

Google announced the rollout at the ongoing CES 2023 show along with some new features with assistants for Android Auto users. In a blog post highlighting all of Google’s car-related announcements, the company notes that the updated Android Auto user interface prioritizes three key goals for drivers: “Navigate where you’re driving, communicate with friends and family, and enjoy your music or podcasts.” play. ”

The redesign brings the map UI closer to the driver’s seat for easier tracking of at-a-glance navigation, adds a new media map for quick access to playback controls, and a quick launch to open recently used apps. This UI auto-scales with Android Auto head units of different sizes, giving users a great experience no matter what car they drive.

Google is also introducing new assistant-powered smart suggestions for Android Auto to help drivers return missed calls or play suggested media. Additionally, the update brings a new searchable media progress bar for improved playback controls and WhatsApp calling support with the latest Samsung and Pixel smartphones.

Along with the Android Auto changes, Google also announced that key sharing support for digital car keys would soon be coming to Samsung and Xiaomi devices and expanding to more car brands. Finally, the company announced HD map support for Android Automotive, which will show details such as lane markings, signs, and roadblocks.

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