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Apple audiobook narration is AI’s latest casualty, but it can help writers

Apple audiobook narration is AI’s latest casualty, but it can help writers

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As the AI ​​art controversy rages on, Apple has announced that the first AI-generated audiobooks are now available through its digital bookstore.

The company has made the technology available to authors who may not have the resources to convert their written work into audio book format.

Apple Books’ digital storytelling feature was quietly launched on the Apple Books for Authors Website praising the ability for independent authors to easily turn their books into audio without great expense or complexity.

“Apple Books Digital Narration combines advanced speech synthesis technology with critical work by teams of linguists, quality control specialists and audio engineers to produce high quality audio books from an e-book file,” says the company.

Apple’s new feature allows users to choose from a range of AI-generated voices optimized for specific genres. At the moment it is available for the Romance Fiction genres, but more will follow in due course. Users can identify these titles by a “Narrated by Apple Books” label within the storefront.

Apple Books AI Narrative

For writers, it can mean more sales from those who choose to listen rather than read. However, the program is sure to meet opposition from voice actors concerned about the future of their profession and audiobook customers who prefer a natural human voice.

Apple says the technology will work alongside speakers while ensuring audiobooks become more accessible to everyone. Considering that only a fraction of books are ever converted to audio format, there might be room for both. However, the creeping influence of cheap AI technology at the expense of human artists is a cause for concern.

“Digitally spoken titles are a valuable complement to professionally spoken audiobooks,” the company adds, perhaps in anticipation of the backlash, “and will help bring audio to as many books and as many people as possible.” Apple Books remains committed to celebrating and showcasing the magic of human storytelling and will continue to expand its catalog of human-narrated audio books.”

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