Ashanti stunts on jet skis but fans zoom in on her killer body

Ashanti stunts on jet skis but fans zoom in on her killer body

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When Ashanti isn’t touring or performing on stages around the world, the R&B princess is jet-setting at someone’s beach. Fans on social media live vicariously through her videos and roles on her Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her fun vacations and flawless bikini pics.

On Wednesday, January 4, the “Happy” singer shared a video of a lime green jet ski on her Instagram story. The Quadaski high-speed amphibian jet ski can generate 140 hp in the water and accelerate to 45 mph on land.

“So what we’re doing, it’s the amphibian,” Ashanti said as the camera panned up and down. “We meet the sand, we meet the water, we come back to the sand – all rolled into one. You know we don’t need the regular jet skis; it’s the amphibian,” she continued, before taking off into the water. A male voice can be heard in the background saying, “Let’s go,” as it begins to pick up speed.

The short clip was divided on Instagram from The Shade Room, where fans in the comments focused more on the “Foolish” hitmaker’s curvy, beachy body.

“Sister needs to break her exercise routine and skincare routine, damn it.”

“Every time I see her, it reminds me to renew my gym membership.”

“If you work hard, you can play harder” was a beautiful black woman.”

“She’s the only artist who knows how to take a permanent vacation and still make money.”

“ASHANTI GONE TO FIND A BEACH. You hear me. I try to be like Ashanti.”

Many celebrated the 42-year-old Grammy winner’s timeless beauty and bikini body. Some suggested she start a swimwear line, and others wanted to know who the male voice behind the scenes was.

One said: “The jet ski is cool but my goodness Ashanti is fire.” Another asked: “WHO WAS THAT THAT SAID ‘THIS DOES’ NELLY”? A third wrote: “Ok now I see why Irv is tripping over there.”

Aside from men, the “Falling For You” singer is focused on sharing new music, health and her evolving outlook on life. The former 2000s “It Girl” said her evolution in the beauty and fashion worlds reflects how she sees herself.

“As you evolve and age, you become more comfortable in your own skin. Maybe I’ll put on a bikini a little more often than when I first came out,” she said in a recent interview with Byrdie. “A lot of confidence comes from within, and of course you stay stylish because you have to give the girls something. It’s just about staying true to myself and emphasizing the good things that I love about myself.”

She added, “I pride myself on being happy with who I am.”

When asked what styling advice she’d give her younger self, the “Baby” singer said she told herself to focus on “being healthy from the inside out.”

“I feel like I’ve done a good job of taking care of myself and watching what I eat. I’ve become a pescetarian over the past seven or eight years,” revealed Ashanti. “I stopped eating red meat and pork when I was in 10th grade. I’m trying to be vegetarian now. Maybe I would have told my younger self to start a little earlier.”

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