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Avalanche Game 37 Plus/Minus: This is ugly

Avalanche Game 37 Plus/Minus: This is ugly

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One day I will write about an Avalanche victory.

That day is not today.

A solid start was spoiled by a nightmarish eight minutes in the second half as the Avalanche gave up three straight goals to the Canucks en route to their fifth straight loss.

As with any game, you take the good with the bad, so time to take a look at the pros and cons of playing against them canucks.

– Devon Toews

During the collapse of the second period, Mr. Dependable became anything but.

At about 8:29 of the second period, Toews was chasing a frozen Canucks puck.

Except he stopped chasing it.

He would be hit to the puck by Jack Studnicka, negating the icing on the cake. Moments later, Toews took a hook penalty. The Canucks scored on the ensuing power play to start the comeback.

Later in the period, when the game was tied, Toews attempted to get in the middle from behind his own net. The puck hit a Canucks skate and bounced around after a good chance, only for Boeser to find a loose puck and hit Georgiev.

If Toews doesn’t leave, there’s a good chance the Avalanche won’t win. He’s too important.

+ Alexander Georgiev

You cannot pin this to the Avalanche Gatekeeper.

Already in the first half he had to make big saves, including a nice save against a wide-open Pettersson with no bat. In the second third alone, the Avalanche fired 19 shots and were completely undisciplined.

In the third period, when the team was supposed to be in the lead, they managed to get another 11 shots on goal. Georgiev did what he could to keep her inside.

Georgiev has had a difficult start after the Christmas break but the last two games have shown signs that he is back on form. The team before him didn’t.

– Most of the forward core

Simply put, the Avalanche are very top-heavy at the moment. And you have to be wondering if MacKinnon and Rantanen’s split is the right move, at least for now.

Until they get some strikers back, they’re in a tough spot. Against the Canucks, seven of the 12 forwards in disguise didn’t register a shot at the net. Unfortunately, one of those players was Denis Malgin, who left the game very early due to injury, but you get the point.

Valeri Nichushkin and Evan Rodrigues are on the verge of a return, which should help, but even then it could be something to consider to spread things out a bit.

The only goal Ben Meyers has scored this year came from his chest. Logan O’Connor hasn’t scored in 25 games. Martin Kaut has scored one goal in 23 games. Some of these deep guys need to start digging into the scorer list to take some pressure off the big guns.

– Undisciplined ice hockey

Say what you will about reefing, but seven penalties in a game is undisciplined hockey.

We have no idea what Andrew Cogliano said to the referee to get a 10-minute misconduct and we probably never will, but this is a veteran leader on the team losing his cool. Soon after, the whole team melted down.

Were the two related? It’s hard to say, but this was a game where the Avalanche seemed to miss their captain.

+ Mikko Rantanen

It’s really too bad he wasn’t selected for the All-Star Game.

Cale Makar is a superstar. We all know that. But Rantanen is this team’s MVP and has been all season. He deserved to be called out by the NHL instead of having to rely on a fan vote.

And against the Canucks he was once again the driving force offensively. A team high 14 shot attempts. A team high nine shots on target (closest was four). With one more goal, he accounts for 24.5% of the Avalanche’s goals this year.

Time for the rest of the team to give him a little help.

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