Bam Adebayo remains strong as ‘the league’s best defender’

Bam Adebayo remains strong as ‘the league’s best defender’

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Bam Adebayo Heat LakersPhoto: Getty Images

Once again, Bam Adebayo is confident he’s at the forefront of defensive players in the NBA.

The Miami Heat big man believes he is the best defender in the league as he can influence the game and defend all five positions.

“I feel like I’m the best defender in the league,” said Adebayo told’s Mark Medina. “I can guard one to five and I can guard everyone on the pitch. That’s how I got onto the pitch in the past few seasons.

“Defending got me where I am today. This will never go away. I will always have the attitude of being in the top five in both units.”

For his part, Adebayo has proven to be the best defensive player in recent seasons. But when it came down to it, injuries have often prevented him from earning the coveted defensive gear.

He’s come up short the last three seasons, having just been handed three All-Defensive team picks. While this is still a considerable honor, he can only hope to reach the level he aspires to most.

This season, Adebayo has averaged 21.8 points, 9.9 boards, 3.2 assists and a 109.4 defensive rating.

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