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Billie Eilish was doxxed on the Citizen app

Billie Eilish was doxxed on the Citizen app

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Billie Eilish headlined the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival.

Billie Eilish headlined the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival. Image: Amy Sussman (Getty Images)

Pop superstar Billie Eilish’s home address in Highland Park, California was reportedly leaked to thousands of people via a push notification from Citizen, an app that allows users to monitor crime and breaking news events in real time.

Last night at 9:15pm PST an incident was reported in Highland Park, California and a push notification was sent out in the Citizen app, after police received an emergency call of a home burglary. A Report by KTLA says the call came from the home’s housekeeper, who was not home but received an alert from a device that showed the suspect on camera. Fifteen minutes later, police arrested the suspect, who reportedly fought with law enforcement before being taken into custody.

Shortly thereafter, police discovered that the homeowner was the family home of pop singer/songwriter Billie Eilish. The buck didn’t stop there though, because per viceThe push notification included the exact address and was sent to over 178,000 people, according to the app’s metrics, with nearly 78,000 users actively viewing that notification.

But on Friday morning, the Citizen app suddenly changed the address of the incident, removing the actual address and instead opting to only note the cross streets: “The address reported for this incident has changed to 57 Meridian St & N Avenue,” to 7:24am PST.

Citizen’s ability to disclose home addresses on its platform raises some red flags, especially for a figure like Eilish, who is a well-known celebrity. The homes of celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swiftand Simon Cowell All were reportedly broken into, and in some cases these suspects were suspected stalkers and/or were armed.

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While celebrity addresses aren’t typically that hard to find on the web, there is some evidence that Citizen actively identifies a popular celebrity’s address and notifies more than 178,000 users of that address. Citizens Privacy Policy mentions location data by claiming to keep personal data “as short as possible”, but this only applies to app users, not those involved in crimes reported in the app.

Citizen did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

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