Bradley Beal (hamstring) out for at least a week –

Bradley Beal (hamstring) out for at least a week –

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It’s no secret that Bradley Beal is one of the best shooting guards in the NBA. It’s also no secret that the Washington Wizards’ playoff chances directly correlate to the all-star shooting guard’s performance. Unfortunately for Washington, they will need the supporting cast to improve significantly. At least for a week. Bradley Beal suffered from a mild strain in his left hamstring that was revealed by an MRI, the Wizards announced Thursday. The injury came in a game on December 27 when the Wizards upset the Philadelphia 76ers. With the team sitting 11th in the Eastern Conference but aiming to at least make the play-in tournament, Washington will need Beal back ASAP.

Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal is out for at least a week with a hamstring tear

Bradley Beal’s season so far

Bradley Beal is a three-time All-Star for a reason. He proves that again this year with an impressive campaign. Even though he didn’t make the All-Star Game last year, that doesn’t detract from his talent. So far this season, Beal has averaged 22.9 points, 1.0 steals and 5.2 assists per game. He does so while averaging an effective field goal percentage of 57.1 percent. Not to mention that he averages career-best player efficiency ratings (21.0), block percentage (1.5 percent), and offensive rating (117). It should be noted that the only other time Beal finished with a 117 offensive rating was during the 2016-17 season, a time when the former All-NBA team member was entering his prime.

Was this Bradley Beal’s best season of his career? Of course not. Could the Wizards be in a better position right now? Absolutely. However, Beal was furthest from Washington’s troubles. A look at his latest season numbers shows that Beal is still doing everything he can to help the Wizards succeed. With that in mind, however, this leads to a burning question that has been asked constantly for years.

Is Beal traded?

Even with the signing of an extension and Beal’s continued loyalty to the Wizards, the NBA trade deadline question always seems to be, “Will Bradley Beal be traded?” It’s a question worth asking if Washington is free during that stretch falls while Beal tries to recover from his hamstring injury. They have a chance of making the play-in tournament if they keep up their current pace.

However, as we’ve seen with other teams like the Warriors and the Suns, losing your best player over a long period of time hurts your record in the long run. Per bet online, the Wizards have +50,000 odds of winning the NBA Finals. Of course, the chances of the team getting that far are slim to zero. Still, every team likes a shot to at least sneak into the postseason. Even if it’s about the play-in tournament. However, if the Wizards slip too far past the point where they even have tournament play-in aspirations, a Bradley Beal trade could finally materialize this season.

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