Brazilians storm national congress over Bolsonaro’s election loss

Brazilians storm national congress over Bolsonaro’s election loss

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Brazil appears to be going through its own January 6th – just a few days after the 2 year anniversary of our own, no less – all because Jair Bolsonaro lost the election.

Ex-Brazilian Prez – who led a Conservative first term and was seeking a second-place finish in Brazil’s 2022 general election – was front and center for thousands of his supporters on Sunday … who flocked to the National Congress in Brasilia, during which an uproar quickly turned into a riot.

WATCH: The moment barricades were broken at the National Congress in Brazil.


— ALX 🇺🇸 (@alx) January 8, 2023

Countless videos have surfaced online showing the mob breaching barriers and charging past officers to break into the Congress building, the Supreme Court, and even the Presidential Palace itself, where newly sworn President Luiz Lula da Silva now resides.

It appears that all of the buildings in question were empty prior to the burglaries, but this sight is ugly, to say the least – and very reminiscent of what happened in our Capitol.

WATCH: Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazil’s Supreme Court pic.twitter.com/zZq3KO11nY

— BNO News (@BNONews) January 8, 2023

The rioters are turning the terrain upside down… destroying property and entering areas they obviously could never reach under normal circumstances. Just like here in the States, they appear to have burst through windows and locked doors – and settle into a chaotic scene. Many of them are draped in Brazilian flags.

Some reports suggest that a large number of these people are indeed armed and are threatening to occupy the premises until their demands are met – which appears to be due to the fact that they believe the election was stolen. Why does this sound familiar to you?

Bolsonarist terrorists broke through the police line and entered the Congressional ramp, threatening to occupy the Chamber and Senate. The Minister of Justice @FlavioDino announced that he would allow all federal forces to be deployed against them.pic.twitter.com/Q3nbRhjfpV

— Nathália Urban (@UrbanNathalia) January 8, 2023
@Urban Nathalia

As for the reaction… Brazil’s Justice Minister Flavio Dino is said to have said he would use the full gamut of law to prosecute these vandals – but for now it doesn’t look like the police are taking action on the ground, have much luck in the process of getting her out of there.

Just like here, law enforcement is vastly outnumbered and overrun by civilians… and some of the clashes have turned quite violent.

Holy shit. A policeman comes on horseback to contain the riot and the Bolsonaristas beat the horse and bleed the policeman to the ground. I’m speechless pic.twitter.com/EhZZeTDq4M

— David Adler (@davidrkadler) January 8, 2023

It’s actually amazing how much this aligns with what’s been happening here in the States – some of the snaps are almost identical – with rioters entering offices, taking computers and posing for selfies all over the area celebrating their unlawful infiltration.

Remember, we saw exactly this type of behavior ourselves… the only difference was that our lawmakers were in the middle of a live session and had to go into hiding.

Bolsonaristas are in the Senate House: pic.twitter.com/ZuLDeEanJY

— Nathália Urban (@UrbanNathalia) January 8, 2023
@Urban Nathalia

This latest attempted coup is taking place over the weekend — when federal employees and elected officials are away, it seems — but it’s no less uncomfortable to watch live.

Time will tell what will happen in Brazil. As we know, a special congressional committee was formed to look into the origins of January 6 – and they concluded by pointing the finger at Donald Trump… claiming he incited the insurgents and should be prosecuted.

That’s yet to come though… and DT has already thrown its hat in the ring for 2024.

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