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Brendan Fraser wants to star in a new Mummy reboot

Brendan Fraser wants to star in a new Mummy reboot

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In a new interview, Brendan Fraser revealed he would be willing to take part in a The Mummy reboot that Universal may be planning. Aside from the 2017 update starring Tom Cruise (which I actually didn’t think was that bad!) that offered a whole new perspective within the same myth, we’ve yet to see a sequel or reboot tied to the popular films in which Fraser played along.

When asked about a reboot, Fraser said meeting, “I don’t know any juicy details about it, but it’s been an open question for some time.” The fact of the matter is that franchises never die, they just keep evolving. Fraser played Rick O’Connell in three Mummy films from 1999 to 2008. “The ingredient we had for our Mummy,” he said, speaking of the staying power of the 1999 film, “was fun.”

When asked if he would return, Fraser said: “I’m not against it. I don’t know of any actor who doesn’t want a job… I don’t think I’ve been that famous and unpaid at the same time in my professional life, so sign up.”

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