Britney Spears Responds to Jamie Lynn Complaining About Being Her Sister – Hollywood Life

Britney Spears Responds to Jamie Lynn Complaining About Being Her Sister – Hollywood Life

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Britney Spears performs at the 2016 Jingle Ball at the Staples Center on Friday, December 2, 2016 in Los Angeles.  (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Britney Spears arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere

Britney Spears arrives at the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday, April 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

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Britney Spears didn’t hold back when it came to her reaction to sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ comments about being her younger sister. “Are we saying it was hard being my sister???? Hmmmmmmmmmm…. Really???” Britney, 41, began her Instagram caption with sarcasm. The “Toxic” singer went on to recall the difficult years of her strict conservatorship, with her father Jamie Spears controlling her finances and apparent freedoms, such as to For example, the opportunity to have dinner with friends or to drink alcohol during their stay in Las Vegas.

“It honestly blows my mind the difficulties you say you had me as your sister…” she wrote in a later part of the message. “I’m sorry you feel that way but never come across my broken foot in a kitchen and tell me to go to the doctor because my foot infection could infect your royal children!!!” She wrapped up the note that was written next to pictures of spinal injuries.

Britney has previously accused her younger sister of being complicit in the legal arrangement. “We teach her the MEANING OF COMMUNITY and end up throwing her away with no self rights!!!! You want me to share it on TV???” Britney also wrote earlier in the same post. “I’d rather spit in their face and smash them on Instagram because that’s all my family has ever been to me!!!!” the Grammy winner added. Britney eventually regained her freedom after Judge Brenda J. Penny terminated the 14-year agreement in November 2021. Since then, Britney has tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Britney Spears has been at odds with her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears for some time. (Shutterstock)

“No victim story or cried about it because I was never a big deal… I sat in a chair 10 hours a day and had no rights for 4 months!!!” Britney continued in the lengthy message, most of which is directed to Jamie Lynn, 31, appeared to be addressed. “[My family] hurt me and nothing was done except i lost 15 years of my life because my family owned my name…exposed to an angel while my dad had 5 women on his tour bus drinking that cup of coffee…so cool and gentle, that it must have been It was nice to have my name for 15 years…”

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Jamie Lynn, best known for her role on Zoey 101, was the first to make comments about Britney on her new reality series, Special Forces. “It just feels like I work really hard every time to achieve something of my own. It’s like it’s not really worth it,” she said on the competition-based show. “I mean grow up, my sister [Britney Spears] became famous, world famous, when I was very young… I’m proud of her, love her to death. And I don’t know that sometimes I feel like I can never really have anything for myself,” she explained.

The mother-of-two added that she is “extremely proud of my sister, but also has my own identity and is expected to be viewed as my own person. I constantly struggle with my self-esteem. And as a parent, you really want to fake it because you never want to see your kids feel the feelings you’re feeling. The hardest thing is being away from my kids, but I’m here to do something to make them proud.”

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