Bryan Kohberger may have discussed murders in online chat rooms

Bryan Kohberger may have discussed murders in online chat rooms

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Brian Kohberger

The man accused of murdering four Idaho college students may have joined online chat groups to discuss some of the facts of the brutal killings using internet sniffer dogs.

According to former FBI agent Jennifer Coffinaffer, Bryan Kohberger may have been the person or persons making claims about the quadruple murder case, using the Facebook and Redditor names “Pappa Rodgers” and “InsideLooking,” respectively.

Coffinaffer, who tracked both accounts, said many of the person(s)’ claims turned out to be factually correct, leading them to believe it could have been Bryan.

In two of the postings, the person(s) offered a correct timeline for the killings and mentioned the knife sheath that was left at the scene BEFORE police released those details publicly.

Reddit post

One apt message read: “Murders committed and sliding door left. A knife for every corner [sic] Expression. Murder time approximately 3:20 – 3:40 a.m. according to car getaway scene and camera on Autobahn 8 approximately 3:45 a.m. Vehicle left skid marks when exiting.”

Brian Kohberger

In another factual post, the user wrote, “From the evidence that has been released, the murder weapon was consistently a large fixed blade knife. This leads me to believe they found the scabbard.” Other members of the chat group were so alarmed that they accused the person of “talking like a serial killer.”

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As we reported… Kohberger was arrested December 30 and charged with fatally stabbing 4 University of Idaho students: Kaylee Gonclaves, Maddie Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin. Kohberger, a graduate student at Washington State University, denies any wrongdoing and is defending himself against the charges.

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