BTK serial killer says Bryan Kohberger never contacted him

BTK serial killer says Bryan Kohberger never contacted him

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The infamous BTK serial killer throws cold water at the idea – floated by his own daughter – that he has a connection to Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger.

BTK fired off an email to TMZ from prison after we reached out to him about a recent incident NewsNation article … claims Kohberger may have communicated with him through Katherine Ramsland, a professor at DeSales University.

Kohberger, a Washington State University graduate student, had previously studied with DeSales under Ramsland, who is also a famous true crime writer and wrote a book about the BTK killer.

In its Jan. 5 message to us, BTK says, “No to Kohberger anywhere,” in response to his daughter, Kerri Rawson, who told NN reporter Brian Entin she was “quite shocked” there was “a possible connection.” my father”.

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Rawson also said she thought Bryan was probably influenced by BTK since he studied at Ramsland.

On this point, BTK agreed, stating “I had thought someone might have studied me.” He also gave props to Idaho investigators for nabbing a suspect, meaning Kohberger.

BTK went on to share his personal agony at not connecting with his family. “My family doesn’t communicate with me at all. I love them all very much and [would] Be happy if someone does.”

As you know…BTK (real name: Dennis Rader) killed ten people during his sexually-motivated, sadomasochistic shooting spree in Wichita, Kansas from 1974-1991. He wrote taunting letters to the media and nicknamed himself “Bind, Torture, Kill.”

He was eventually captured in 2005 and confessed to the murders, leading to his conviction. He is currently serving ten life sentences – one for each of his murders.

We reached out to Ramsland, who declined to comment.

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