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California Level 5 Storm: Capitola Wharf severely damaged by large waves, high tide; Santa Cruz Beaches, Pier Closed

California Level 5 Storm: Capitola Wharf severely damaged by large waves, high tide; Santa Cruz Beaches, Pier Closed

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CAPITOLA, Calif. (KGO) — It’s not uncommon to see crowds of people in Capitola, who come to capture the beauty of the area. However, as of Thursday night, every photo or video captured told the story of a powerful storm.

Even the quaint coastal complex of brightly colored homes that line Capitola Beach has taken a hit.

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“There are 8-foot logs that went through the doors of these houses and then just ripped the houses apart,” Dan Barker, a longtime Capitola resident, told ABC7 News. “There’s a lot of damage there. I’d say they could lose five or six of those – I’m guessing – unless they rebuild.”

Barker was among the curious onlookers on Thursday night. Many noted that the worst started with the high tide at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

“What we were seeing at that point was water coming off the banks of Soquel Creek and flooding people’s homes, flooding businesses in Capitola Village,” city manager Jamie Goldstein said.

As of Thursday evening, businesses on the ocean side of the village showed significant damage.

A drone video shared by residents showing what remains of Zelda’s on the Beach’s once-expansive outdoor patio. In the distance was the Capitola Pier, cleaved by a high surf.

ABC7 News is affiliated with Dharmesh Patel, who owns the Capitola Hotel.

“We received the actual evacuation notice last night,” he said. “So the employees locked up and left.”

Patel said there were some guests in the house who wanted to spend the weekend at the hotel. Luckily, Patel said they agreed to stay at his other nearby properties instead.

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Good news Thursday Patel said his hotel had been green-flagged. Bad news, with no electricity and utilities he expects there is still a long way to go before hotel guests can return and business can resume.

“Unfortunately, the restaurants across the street weren’t so lucky,” Patel said. “Many of these are marked in red or yellow. So it will be a lot of work and time for these companies to come back.”

Of course, Capitola wasn’t the only area devastated. High waves and damage also paralyzed parts of the Santa Cruz Wharf. Also the world famous “Cement Ship” at Aptos which has been sunk to the seabed for decades – much of the pier that once led there is now gone.

“Everything came together wrong,” described Barker. “The big waves, the royal tide, the wind, the rain. All just, you know, it was the perfect storm.”

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Although there was significant property damage, there were no reports of casualties.

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