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Can you use Google Assistant on a Mac?

Can you use Google Assistant on a Mac?

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Google Assistant is smarter and handier than Siri, so is there a way to use it on a Mac computer?

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Apple products are famous for the tight ecosystem that brings them together. The company designs and builds both the hardware and the software, enabling seamless integrations. This is how powerful Macs communicate with great iPhones at deep levels that competing manufacturers can’t easily replicate.

Still, Apple is far from perfect. One well-known shortcoming that we almost agree on is the company’s virtual assistant: Siri. Compared to a competitor like Google Assistant, Siri just sucks. When I use Google Assistant, I don’t think twice when formulating my commands. In the case of Siri, I find myself framing questions in a simple, straightforward way to make sure it understands me. It also fails to maintain context in long conversations and often directs me to web results instead of giving me an actual, quick answer. So what if I wanted to swap Siri for Google Assistant, for example? Is that possible?

There is no easy or official way to use Google Assistant on macOS

Unfortunately, there is no official way to use Google Assistant on a Mac. There is no dedicated app to download, plugin to install, or website to visit. Google Assistant simply doesn’t exist in any form for the Mac – officially speaking.

If you really want Google Assistant on macOS, there’s a third-party workaround, but the app is buggy, hasn’t been updated since 2019, and requires you to go through several developer loops to build and get it working.

Considering that Siri still struggles with many tasks and questions, Google’s variant would be a welcome option.

MacAssistant is a free, open-source app that brings the Google Assistant to the macOS menu bar. However, to enable it, you need to generate OAuth credentials through the Google Developer Console. You then need to build the project using Xcode on your Mac. When you finally install the package, you will then need to sign in with your Google account and the app will be able to read your data. However, since this is an open source project, I wouldn’t be too concerned about sharing your information.

If you are interested in setting up MacAssistant, you can follow the developer’s detailed instructions, including creating your OAuth credentials, and download the necessary materials from there GitHub page. If you don’t think the process is worth it, your second favorite virtual assistant is just a “Hey Siri” away from responding.

Too bad Google Assistant isn’t officially available for macOS. Considering that Siri still struggles with many tasks and questions, Google’s variant would be a welcome option. I don’t see it anytime soon, if ever, due to the closed Apple ecosystem mentioned above, but who knows.

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