Choose McCarthy and proceed with the deal

Choose McCarthy and proceed with the deal

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to become Speaker of the House has been stymied by some members of the House Freedom Caucus, which includes Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher. Fulcher is not involved in this endeavor because he believes his fellow Republicans should focus on the task at hand, and fully supports McCarthy.

Fulcher is in a special situation. He associates with some of the staunchly conservative anti-McCarthy lawmakers and is a member of the Freedom Committee. He also gets along well with McCarthy and the Republican leadership group. Fulcher therefore tried to find a solution from both sides of the conference rooms.

Fulcher told me, “This doesn’t look good for Republicans.” We don’t want to appear like we can’t govern, so it looks bad.

Fulcher chuckled, “And you can see how effective I was.”

According to Fulcher, Kevin McCarthy is the Republican member with the most support of all. We have a strong working relationship, although I have not personally asked anything of him, nor do I intend to. I have never observed any indication that he was unfair to me or anyone I have worked closely with.

McCarthy has the advantage of wanting to be Speaker of the House. Fulcher stated, “I don’t want it, and I don’t know anyone who does.” Although Fulcher’s ally, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has been named as a potential speaker, he has also made it clear that he does not want the position and has joined Fulcher has.

However, other members don’t want McCarthy to be the speaker for some reason. According to Fulcher, some of McCarthy’s Republicans are upset with him and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell for working with the opposition party to pass the huge omnibus spending measures. Some people are concerned about McCarthy’s primary campaign spending because he’s been directing money to some of the wrong places. Without McCarthy’s fundraising support, it is highly likely that Republicans would not be in control of the House of Representatives.

Fulcher noted, “The guy raised half a billion dollars in that last round. He is an experienced fundraiser.

Fulcher does not find the political impasse surprising. That’s what he’s focused on since the midterms. Republicans have made headway in their fight against Home Rule, which was the first front of the conflict. Fulcher remarked, “This was something that had to happen. “(Nancy) Pelosi, with the help of her conference, put a lot of control—excessive control—on the speaker’s gavel. Major measures were not announced, among other measures shifting power from individual members to the Speaker. If we ever get a vote on this, the set of rules we’ve tentatively agreed on is excellent.

More difficult is the assignment to respected obstruction committees, which make up the second half of the negotiations. McCarthy answered “no” to some of those demands, and Fulcher supports the position of GOP leader. Essentially, Fulcher claimed, while the rule changes did, the committee duties failed. In my opinion, having won the battle for the rules, we should triumph over the government.

It can’t come soon enough for Fulcher to unlock the situation. If the impasse lasts through January 13, he warned terrible things could result. Fulcher stated, “It is our understanding that there is no authority to administer payroll to any member or staff (of 435 offices) unless the House is incorporated by January 13.” “I’ll address that next. Get ready to talk to your employees about January or February pay if you keep playing around with it.

In any case, Fulcher and other Republicans did not expect such a “success” when they took control of the House of Representatives.

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