Claire Foy struggled to cope with Matt Smith’s ‘disgusting’ new role in House of The Dragon | to see celebrity news | Show Business & TV

Claire Foy struggled to cope with Matt Smith’s ‘disgusting’ new role in House of The Dragon | to see celebrity news | Show Business & TV

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Claire Foy, 38, and Matt Smith, 40, maintained a friendship on the set of the Netflix hit series while playing the royal couple, making it even harder for the actress to watch her co-stars’ latest project. In House of The Dragon, Matt now plays a very different king than Prince Daemon Targaryen, who forms an incestuous relationship with his niece.

The Game of Thrones sequel has proven just as raunchy and immoral as its predecessor, which many fans were expecting.

Claire, who describes herself as a Game of Thrones fan, surprisingly had trouble watching the prequel due to Matt’s graphic scenes.

Speaking to Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Claire revealed that it took “a lot of commitment” to watch the show.

Despite her struggles, she has now watched all episodes as the show ramps up for its second season.

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She also noted that her urge to watch the show “waned towards the end,” but explained, “I was there for it.”

Speaking specifically about Matt’s character, the actress said, “I was a very committed friend, but I didn’t agree with him in a lot of scenes.”

Her apparent disagreement grew as the series progressed to the point where she actually confronted her former co-star about it.

Claire said: “I then had to tell him that I found (some scenes) pretty disgusting to look at.”

Despite those awkward moments, the actress “still loved it” and applauded her success, adding, “What a triumph.”

Matt and Claire first met after being cast in the romantic lead roles in The Crown, playing young Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

The couple starred side by side for two seasons before being replaced by Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies.

Not only Claire was shocked by Matt’s graphic scenes in House of The Dragon, because many fans know the actor from the sci-fi series Doctor Who.


However, in the very first episode of the Game of Thrones prequel, fans immediately realized that the actor would be portraying a completely different character.

In the premiere episode, Matt enjoyed a raunchy date with a prostitute at a brothel, in a scene where he was completely naked.

On the same podcast as Claire, just a few months earlier, Matt had stated that a “great” piece of standalone drama would be a single episode with the entire Targaryen family “in group therapy.”

Matt also revealed that he’s personally a fan of the more physical scenes on the show and dreaded filming the council scenes the most, saying they were “a pain in the ass”.

He also joked that his “best things” come out in scenes where he doesn’t have to talk.

The actor admitted he was a bit scared at first about being involved in the Game of Thrones prequel.

He shared: “You’re following in the footsteps of something massive. It’s never going to be as good and leave the same cultural footprint as Game of Thrones because it can’t.”

However, the actor also noted that it’s not uncommon for him to “consider” accepting roles, as he joked, “I’m contemplating what socks I’m going to put on in the morning.”

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