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Cooler Master is expanding its offering with new accessories for streamers and content creators

Cooler Master is expanding its offering with new accessories for streamers and content creators

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In addition to keyboards and the usual accessories, Cooler Master will be showing new peripherals at CES 2023 that have been specially developed for streamers

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At CES 2023, Cooler Master, best known for gaming accessories, has a new offering. This time, alongside the usual keyboards and peripherals, Cooler Master is also launching new accessories like microphones and LED lights, as well as capture cards just for content creators and streamers.

There are a total of three new peripherals in Cooler Master’s new range designed specifically for streamers. There’s the Stream Lux LED light, ideal for illuminating your face while streaming, and the Stream Origins capture card, which uses a USB connection on PCs and Macs to capture video quality up to 4K 60fps HDR. The end product for streamers is the Stream Lucid, a USB-C microphone that’s all about high-quality audio, with a built-in filter to reduce background noise like static.

For keyboards, there’s the MK770. This is the flagship product to be exhibited at CES 2023. It is a new wireless mechanical hybrid keyboard for enthusiasts. The product is Cooler Master’s first to be mounted with a gasket, bringing better typing experience and better sound experience. Other features onboard the keyboard include Kailh Box V2 switches, hot-swappable switches, as well as a 3-way precision wheel. Cooler Master mentioned that the MK770 also comes with PBT double-shot keycaps in different colors.

Two special edition products will also be introduced. There is the second edition of the Sakura Edition peripherals, which includes the CK721 mechanical keyboard, MM712 lightweight mouse and MP511 XL mouse pad. Finally, to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, there are the 30th Anniversary Edition peripherals that feature a new color scheme. These colors are used on the MK721 mechanical keyboard, MM721 lightweight gaming mouse and MP511 mouse pad.



The Cooler Master lineup is rounded off by the SH711 and MH731 headsets. The SH711 features 40mm speakers and ANC audio, and the MH731 is an analogue headset with a broadcast quality detachable boom microphone, a closed design and 50mm speakers.

Prices and availability of these products were not communicated at the time of publication.

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