Custom Damar Hamlin Shirts Net Cincy Store $50,000, proceeds go to the foundation

Custom Damar Hamlin Shirts Net Cincy Store $50,000, proceeds go to the foundation

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A Cincinnati shop that made custom Damar Hamlin shirts after the Bills-safety medical crisis told TMZ Sports it made $50,000 in markdowns … and now plans to donate all of the money to the Chasing M’s Foundation of DH to donate.

Cincy shirts Putting three designs together after the frightening incident on January 2nd…when the 24-year-old collapsed and went into cardiac arrest during the Monday Night Football game Bills vs. Bengals.

One shirt reads “More Than Football” with Hamlin’s #3 jersey number. Another reads the Cincinnati area code “513” with the Bengals and Bills team colors. The third is a design by a local artist showing the Bengals and Bills mascots wearing No. 3 jerseys.

Josh Sneed, co-owner of Cincy Shirts, tells us that the made-to-measure items are selling like crazy both in stores and online… and they’re trying very hard to keep up with orders.

Sneed went on to say that all proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to Hamlin’s Foundation, endowment.

“It doesn’t seem to matter who needs something, this town is performing,” Sneed said. “I am happy that this keeps happening. Very proud of this city.”

Sneed also delivered a box of shirts to Hamlin’s family at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and to the Bengals. In fact, cornerback Cameron Taylor-Britt snapped a selfie with one on Thursday.

Cincy Shirts is one of many clothing stores trying to help Damar… Obvious Shirts also made custom Hamlin t-shirts and hoodies and donated $14,003 to the foundation on Thursday.

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