Damar Hamlin breathes and speaks 4 days after collapse – Hollywood Life

Damar Hamlin breathes and speaks 4 days after collapse – Hollywood Life

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This is a 2022 photo of Damar Hamlin of the NFL football team Buffalo Bills.  This image shows the Buffalo Bills active lineup at the time this image was taken Buffalo Bills 2022 Football Headshots, Orchard Park, USA - June 13, 2022

Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin is examined during the first half of an NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati.  Game postponed after Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin collapsed, announced NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Bills Bengals Football, Cincinnati, U.S. - January 02, 2023

The Buffalo Bills pray on the field after Bills Damar Hamlin (3) was injured while tackling the Cincinnati Bengals in the first half of the game at Paycor Stadium on Monday, January 2, 2023 in Louisville, Ky.  Bengals Bills, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States - January 02, 2023

Credit: Joshua Bessex/AP/Shutterstock

“According to the doctors at UCMC, Damar [Hamlin]his breathing tube was removed overnight,” the Buffalo Bills said in a statement Jan. 6 at 10:10 a.m. “He continues to make remarkable progress in his recovery. His neurological function remains intact and he has been able to communicate with his family and care team. Damar Hamlin FaceTimed our team meeting today to speak to players and coaches. What he said to the team: ‘I love you guys.’”

The uplifting update comes just four days after Damlin collapsed on the field on Jan. 2 while his team, the Buffalo Bills, were playing the Cincinnati Bengals. Damar grabbed an opponent, and although he stood up briefly afterward, he almost fell over immediately. The soccer player was revived for ten minutes before being taken off the field by ambulance. It was later confirmed that he had suffered cardiac arrest and was in “critical condition” at the Cincinnati Hospital.

damar hamlinDamar Hamlin on the field. (Joshua Bessex/AP/Shutterstock)

Throughout the week, Damar continued to make progress. Before his breathing tube was removed, he was able to communicate in writing with his doctors and family. According to his doctor, when he was awake enough to do so, the first thing he asked the medical officials was, “Did we win?” The doctor assured Damar that HE was the winner in this situation since he had won the “game of life”.

However, the Bills and Bengals game was postponed after Damar’s horrific injury, and the NFL announced on Jan. 5 that the game would not be resumed. Had the league decided to resume play, the NFL would have had to delay the start of the playoffs by a week, affecting 14 qualifying teams. However, NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell assured that the cancellation of the Bills/Bengals game “would have no impact on which clubs qualify for the playoffs.”

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After his incident in the field, Damar had to be resuscitated twice – once in the field and once in the hospital, according to his uncle. Damar was then sedated and put on a breathing tube, giving him a better chance of recovery. Fortunately, his condition continues to trend upwards.

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