Darvin Ham after Lakers win over Kings: “We would have lost a game like this a few months ago”

Darvin Ham after Lakers win over Kings: “We would have lost a game like this a few months ago”

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The Lakers extended their winning streak to five games by defeating the Kings in a high-scoring game (136-134).

Four players scored 23 or more points for the winners, with LeBron James being the top scorer with 37 points. Except for James, Dennis Schroder, Thomas Bryant and Russell Westbrook, nobody scored more than 6 points.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham compared the way his team is playing now to how they played earlier in the season.

“To get back in the right direction and learn from our mistakes,” he said. “A few months ago we would have lost a game like that. And then we sat here with you during the post-game press and told you, as much as it hurts, we have to go through this process, we have to learn. It’s a test by fire.

“I think all of this experience means that we have more knowledge on offense, not just throwing away possession late in the game, acting deliberately, knowing who we want to go for the ball, knowing what actions we want to embark on, know the combination of players we want to include in the promotions.

“And the same defensively. We really dig into our matchups and sometimes swap them out to try to create some indecision in the opponent. Ultimately, everything we’ve been through this season up to this point has been a tremendous training for us to be going in the right direction here at the moment.”

“Seventy points in the color. That’s us. We want to play fast, physical and free, with power.” Darvin Ham on the team is shooting 61% tonight.

— Spectrum SportsNet (@SpectrumSN) January 8, 2023

Despite the winning streak, the Lakers remain outside the play-in zone. They are currently 12th in the Western Conference.

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