Decentraland hosts the first-ever Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale Embassy By DailyCoin

Decentraland hosts the first-ever Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale Embassy By DailyCoin

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Decentraland Hosts First-Ever Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale Embassy Popular Metaverse platform Decentraland has announced the launch of its upcoming Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale. The Metaverse platform is partnering with Metancy and to host the January 6th event. The Metaverse Embassy will be the inaugural Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennial, exhibiting diverse architectural pieces in competition. Decentraland would like to welcome like-minded architects to celebrate the architecture festival and bring together well-known and selected talent in the event.

unite creators

The Biennial Embassy intends to bring together creators from around the world to work to highlight the importance of architecture and design to the Metaverse. Decentraland will showcase bespoke architectural projects and ideas, transforming itself into a hub for co-thinkers to formulate a vision for the future of the metaverse.

Here is the most important information about the event:

The famous architecture studio designed the scenery for the Biennale. The scene for the event is provided in DCL at coordinates -67:10 and currently houses a temporary promo stub. The Biennale will host five days of events and talks from leaders in the architecture, metaverse and design industries. Due to the success of Decentraland Art Week, the event expects over 50,000 visitors. More than ten exhibits from well-known architecture and design studios are on display worldwide. In addition, ten selected artists will present their exhibitions. An open call for creatives to design their pavilion for the Biennale was published from January 6th. The best selected projects will receive a grant to create the design in the Metaverse. The Biennale is open to the public for one month. The Biennale is open to everyone; Users can open their browser and dive right in without registering. However, registered users can enter NFT competitions and receive merch from the event.

The architecture event will be a milestone for Web3 with expected headliners including Zaha Hadid Architects, PLP Architects, BIG and SpacesDAO.

On the flip side

Decentraland has historically hosted large numbers of users through its events. At a recent similar event, Decentraland welcomed over 60,000 visitors during Art Week. Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland hosted over 200,000 users and ranks as the most attended event on the blockchain Metaverse. Over 60 brands attended the event including Tommy Hilfiger, Phillipe Plain and more.

Why you should care

The Metaverse has quickly become a center for expression, creativity and art. Architects play an important role in building the metaverse with their exciting concepts and designs. The event will encourage like-minded creators to create in the metaverse, establishing their presence and collaborating as the space grows.

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