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Delta Introduces Free Wi-Fi • Alaska Green Light Blog

Delta Introduces Free Wi-Fi • Alaska Green Light Blog

#Delta #Introduces #Free #WiFi #Alaska Green Light Blog Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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at CES, Delta Airlines announced today that it will be introducing free Wi-Fi to all members of its SkyMiles frequent flyer program starting February 1st. This free service, which the company is rolling out in partnership with T-Mobile, will be available on most Viasat-enabled mainline aircraft first, with full availability on its regional aircraft and international flights by the end of 2024.

“At work, at home and everywhere in between, connectivity is essential to everyday life, and your journey with Delta should be no different,” said Ed Bastian, Delta CEO, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. “Our vision has long been to provide an experience at 30,000 feet that is close to what our customers have available on the ground.”

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With more users expected to take advantage of this free service than ever paid for it, the airline has put a lot of effort into hardening its systems in recent months. Delta said it has been working with Viasat engineers to test and scale its inflight connectivity service to accommodate this rollout.

“We didn’t just want free Wi-Fi to be a basic service — we wanted it to transform the entire onboard experience,” said Bastian. “It is imperative that all customers can enjoy their favorite content on board just as they would at home and we have carefully tested this system to make that possible.”

MediaLink’s Michael Kassan and Delta’s Ed Bastian at CES 2023. Credit: Sarah Perez/Alaska Green Light Blog

To use this service, passengers must be members of Delta’s SkyMiles frequent flyer service (although a spokesperson told me they can open an account on the plane too). Although this service is being launched in partnership with T-Mobile, you do not have to be a T-Mobile customer to use it.

“It will be available to everyone,” said Bastian today. “No matter what price you paid for your seat, what class of service you chose, what credit card you used, what mobile operator you are connected to – it will be free for everyone and it is something that is so important along the way . The good news is that there is no fine print. It’s free.”

One thing worth noting, as Bastian acknowledged in his keynote today, is that the free Wi-Fi extends to so many devices you have with you, not just a single phone or laptop.

Many other airlines are now moving in this direction as well, whether in a more limited form by offering free access to messaging apps (like Delta has already done) or by partnering with telcos to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. For example, United is offered free WiFi for T-Mobile customers on most flights these days.

With this, Delta also introduces Delta Sync, its unified brand for its software, connectivity and in-flight entertainment offerings. In many ways, this builds on the company’s announcements since it first attended CES in 2018. The idea here is to offer a more personalized service to air passengers, largely leveraging its mobile app as well as new airport experiences, all linked to an airman’s SkyMiles account. This includes Delta’s (optional) facial recognition-based boarding system currently being tested in Atlanta and Detroit, as well as the new free Wi-Fi offering and new entertainment offerings that will only be available to SkyMiles members.

In fact, the new Delta Sync on Demand will offer passengers a personalized seatback entertainment system more akin to the smart TV they have at home, Delta promises. For now, in addition to entertainment content, this includes first-class food and drink orders, a scheduled new trip, content recommendations and real-time notifications. The airline plans to roll out some of the first features of this system by the end of the year, although many of the personalization features won’t roll out until after that.

As Bastian also noted today, Paramount+ will be a partner with free Paramount+ streaming onboard Delta’s aircraft. These new Delta Sync experiences will roll out throughout 2023.

“Delta Sync elevates what it means to be a Delta SkyMiles member by facilitating a journey that’s perfect for you and becomes more rewarding the more you travel,” said Bastian. “The future of travel is one where your digital and physical experiences come together in a seamless, heartfelt and personal way, making those human travel connections even more meaningful.”

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