DL Hughley says White Privilege saved UFC’s Dana White from facing increasing scrutiny for hitting his wife; Says Chris Brown and Antonio Brown faced “drastically different coverage”.

DL Hughley says White Privilege saved UFC’s Dana White from facing increasing scrutiny for hitting his wife; Says Chris Brown and Antonio Brown faced “drastically different coverage”.

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DL Hughley has called on the media to use a double standard in their coverage of UFC President Dana White’s stroke controversy compared to black male public figures who have been involved in similar incidents. The comedian believes that white privilege is at play and that when White’s headlines, or lack thereof, are compared to those referring to Chris Brown, Antonio Brown and Bobby Brown, there’s no denying it.

Footage of it surfaced just days into the new year dana and his wife Anne White as they partied at a club in Cabo San Lucas. In the video, Dana White can be seen leaning in and saying something to Anne White, to which she responds with a slap in the face. Without delay, Dana White slaps back before they are quickly separated from friends.

Speaking exclusively to TMZ, Dana White told the outlet there’s no apology for his actions, but that he and Anne had a booze-filled night that got out of hand. “It’s never happened before… People will say what they will say… It is what it is. And whatever people say, it’s deserved. I deserve it,” said the Power Slap League founder. Despite the widespread social response to the ordeal, Hughley pointed out, the public was not inundated with headlines on the subject; Nor was the story pushed into the background by the news agencies.

Hughley tweeted: “If one of #DanaWhite’s fighters hit his wife like that he would have been arrested by now! #TeamDl.” In a second tweet, he added, “If #ChrisBrown, #BobbyBrown or #AntonioBrown did what #DanaWhite did, the media wouldn’t stop talking about it!! What can Brown do for you? …Be white! #TeamDl.”

The Kings of Comedy headliner repeated his frustrations on Instagram, where he detailed how reporting a black man committing the same act would have resulted in drastically different coverage. Hughley wrote, “What can BROWN do for you?” Apparently not an ad**n thing! If this was a brotha it would be NONSTOP reporting, dredging a 3rd grade playground fight, digging through old tweets, whatever. #DanaWhite His ENTIRE LIFE is characterized by brutal, physical violence, he has accumulated a fortune with it. Where are the salacious headlines? Where’s the pressure? Ohhhhh he apologized #WhitePrivilege (PUN INTENDED) scores another first round knockout. #TeamDl.”

Chris Brown rose to fame years before the cancel culture movement was even introduced for his attack on Rihanna in 2009. He faced indictments and a string of legal troubles for well over a decade. The singer has fought his way back into the realm of respectability with fans, but has struggled to escape scathing headlines and efforts to get recognized on music awards shows.

Bobby Brown’s name has been in the media for years because of the turbulent relationship between him and his ex-wife, Whitney Houston. The King of R&B has been accused of beating Houston more than once. In 2003, he was charged in Fulton County, Georgia, for punching the legendary singer. He opened up about rock bottom in his 2020 memoir, Every Little Step.

Among the numerous headlines surrounding former NFL pro Antonio Brown – there are several ranging from his questionable business dealings with Kanye “Ye” West to his controversial departure from the game in 2021 – are two separate accounts of a domestic incident with the mother of his children. The most recent incident, in December 2022, led to charges that were later dropped.

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