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Download the official OnePlus 11 wallpapers now

Download the official OnePlus 11 wallpapers now

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Everyone is boarding the OnePlus hype train

OnePlus 11 wallpapers presented

The OnePlus 11 was officially unveiled today, and if you’re like many of the writers over at XDA, you can’t imagine being more excited. If you want to give your current device the look and feel of OnePlus’ latest flagship, the official wallpapers might be just what you’re looking for.

As with every new OnePlus phone launch, the new smartphone comes with a cool selection of static and live wallpapers. We’ve managed to get our hands on all of the default wallpapers that ship with the OnePlus 11, and you can download them to use with any of your devices.

Static wallpapers

The firmware of the OnePlus 11 includes two static wallpapers with a resolution of 1440 x 3216. They are named after the two different color variants – “Eternal Green” and “Titan Black” – available for the device.

This is how they look:

OnePlus 11_product_wallpaper1_compressed

OnePlus 11_product_wallpaper2_compressed

live wallpapers

Besides the static wallpapers shown above, the OnePlus 11 also comes with 2 animated wallpapers. You can check them out in the YouTube video embedded below.


The attached background images are a compressed version of the original with a smaller file size and resolution. If you want to download the OnePlus 11 wallpapers for your device, you can download them in their original resolution from the link below.

Download the OnePlus 11 wallpapers

The static wallpapers are available in PNG format and you shouldn’t have any trouble setting them up using the default wallpaper picker on your phone. If you do, opt for the Google Wallpapers app instead. The animated wallpapers, on the other hand, have been shared as standard MP4 video files, so you may need to follow the steps outlined in our guide on how to set video as live wallpaper to apply them to your device.

If you are looking for other new wallpapers to try, you should check out Oppo Find N2 series wallpapers and we have downloads for all MIUI 14 wallpapers as well.

Many thanks to the acclaimed XDA developer mlgmxyysd for the help!

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