dr David Brownstein – How nebulized peroxide helps against respiratory infections

dr David Brownstein – How nebulized peroxide helps against respiratory infections

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dr David Brownstein, who has a clinic outside of Detroit, has successfully treated over a hundred patients with what has become my favorite intervention for COVID-19 and other upper respiratory infections, nebulized hydrogen peroxide. He published the results of his work in a study that you can read download here.

Since I first wrote about it in early April 2020, I have received impressive reports of its effectiveness from friends and acquaintances who have been seriously ill and have used it.

Brownstein is probably best known for his promotion of iodine and its supplementation. He was also an early adopter of vitamin D enhancement and nebulized peroxide. He explains the background that led him to his current regimen:

“The story goes back about 28 years to when I started practicing holistic medicine. Of course, every fall and winter we saw people with influenza and flu-like illnesses, so I started looking for things that would help people’s immune systems…

We first started using vitamin C and vitamin D. I started checking vitamin D levels in 1992. What I found was that the vast majority of my patients, well over 90%, were vitamin D deficient and those who had more chronic problems were generally sicker, they usually had lower vitamin D levels…

Then I came across vitamin A. I originally read the research on how vitamin A helped third world countries when they had measles infections and helped… [patients] recovered uneventfully if they had enough vitamin A, so I quickly added vitamin A to the regimen.

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