Dress best in Disney 90s throwback fashion from their universe

Dress best in Disney 90s throwback fashion from their universe

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What better time for Disney animation than the 1990s? Those who grew up in this Disney era enjoyed days of incredible movies and cartoons. now your universe harks back to those films with a new selection of cool clothing items we’re dying to own.

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What’s up:

Her universe celebrates Disney films of the best decade – the 1990s – with new retro fashions that pay fun homage to the characters who helped define a generation of fans. The films featured are: Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, A Goofy Movie, Hercules the Lion King. In addition to standard sizes and unisex options, select clothing is also available in plus sizes, making it easy for all fans to join in the fun. Fans will find 90s Disney looks available now on the Her Universe website. Prices range from $34.90 to $59.90. Links to individual articles can be found below.

The OG Toy Story gangstar on these denim shortalls that are as classic as the era they’re from. Yee ha!

Mrs. Potts lends her charm to this pastel yellow hoodie with embroidered roses.

A teal and purple color block hoodie is a true blast from the past, but what we love most is the Goofy Movie crew on the back.

You can do it! Go extra far in this mini pocket V-neck t-shirt. Now go ahead and bow to the god or goddess that you are.

We have no worries with this woven button-up inspired by The Lion King. Fern leaves set the backdrop for Simba and friends to really shine.

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