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Dwayne Johnson faces a black Adam Rockening

Dwayne Johnson faces a black Adam Rockening

#Dwayne #Johnson #faces #black #Adam #Rockening Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Nothing says wild like Hollywood drama, and Dwayne Johnson’s Crash and Burn with Black Adam is less of a superhero smash and more of a superhero flop. From mediocre box office numbers, to defensive claims about those box office numbers, to reassurances from new DC maestro James Gunn that Black Adam isn’t dead, just on hold… there really isn’t anything more that could surprise us.

At least until Variety decided to pull out all the receipts and Find out exactly what went wrong here. Black Adam had the budget, the star and the place in the DCEU timeline to draw all eyes to it. So it all started in 2022, when Dwayne Johnson bowed his ear to CEO David Zaslav and “directly proposed a multi-year plan for Black Adam and a Cavill-led Superman, in which the two properties would be interwoven and establish a Superman vs. Black Adam Showdown.”

That conversation apparently turned the tide of internal opinion at Warner Bros., largely because “Dwayne bypassed everyone, which didn’t sit well,” a Variety source reports. In addition, another source said that “[Johsonson’s] Demands mounted and the returns just weren’t there.” Those demands included asking for producer credit for DC League of Super-Pets and then barely advertising, then insisting that a bar sell his Teremana brand of tequila Served, installed at Black Adam’s NYC premiere, despite its PG-13 rating.

And then, when the title fizzled out at the box office, despite Cavill’s cameo, and nobody at the newly merged Warner Bros. stepped up for Johnson, it seems like that would be the end of Black Adam’s ongoing franchise. As those reports continue to come out, it seems likely that the writing for Dwayne Johnson’s DC career could be on the wall.

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