Elected in the fifteenth round

Elected in the fifteenth round

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“All Kevin McCarthy cares about is Kevin McCarthy.” This joke, circulating the halls of Capitol Hill, is about the new Speaker of the House, who yet for a 15-vote marathon (the longest in 164 years) is exhausting and was humiliatingly elected, with a tense moment at the end of 14th Street that tore apart an already divided Republican Party and will make running the House of Representatives very difficult for the next two years.

The Californian grizzly, who turns 58 on January 26, was not discouraged. He showed optimism to the end, save for a moment of anger at nemesis Mata Giants that led to his resounding defeat on the fourteenth ballot.

Donald Trump even called Giants and another opponent, Andy Biggs, who voted for a third candidate in the 14th round, to get them to give preference to his candidate. On the final vote, but unopposed by Biggs, who abstained along with four other dissenters, McCarthy received the required 216 votes. “Finally! finally!” cried out California as the maid read out the voting results.

The son of a homemaker and deputy fire chief, he is the first Republican in his family and has Italian blood in his veins thanks to his maternal grandfather’s immigration to the United States. McCarthy has been married to his high school sweetheart Judy since 1992 and has two children, Connor, 27, and Megan, 25.

Regarded as one of politicians’ most adept campaign fundraisers — “The Wizard of Washington” is one of his nicknames — McCarthy was Trumpy from the start, so much so that the billionaire used to call him “my Kevin.” Such is loyalty to the former president that he continued to claim Trump won after the election won by Joe Biden in 2020. Except after that, he violently attacked it after the January 6, 2021 revolution.Assault on Capitol HillGo to the former president’s residence in Mar-a-Lago to ask for forgiveness.

Those who know him argue that his strength lies precisely in his “resilience” and “kindness, eat carrots not sticks”. For McCarthy, as they say, there are no red lines, no core political beliefs or unassailable principles, just a willingness to conform. A seasoned politician and realist, his closeness to Trump has never led him to denial or conspiracy theories.

His candidacy for the role of spokesman was thwarted by the ultra-conservatives, as was the first attempt in 2015, which accused him of serving big lobbyists against the average American. “My dad always said, ‘That’s not how you start, that’s how you end,'” he said. And after his disgruntled victory, the new Speaker of the House can only hope his father is right.

President Joe Biden congratulated McCarthy on his election, saying, “As I said after the midterm elections, I stand ready to work with Republicans whenever possible, and voters expect, as they clearly said, Republicans stand ready to work with them.” to cooperate me. Now the leadership of the House of Representatives has decided that the process must begin.” .

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