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English Fan Translation of Sakura Wars 2 Announced; Most translations completed

English Fan Translation of Sakura Wars 2 Announced; Most translations completed

#English #Fan #Translation #Sakura #Wars #Announced #translations #completed Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Several Sakura Wars Fans have banded together and announced that they have been working on an English fan translation of the never-before-localized title since Summer 2021 Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shall Not Die by Red Company and Sega.

Originally released for the Sega Saturn in 1998, this title would include ports for Dreamcast, PC and PSP and would become one of the most iconic entries in the series. Additionally, this sequel occurs a year after the original game.

However, for those who don’t know what Sakura Wars includes, the games merge the genres of dating simulation, visual novel and tactical combat into different experiences. Although the last reboot entry took a more action-oriented approach. The franchise is iconic and popular in Japan, but its prominence in the West is far more niche apart from dedicated fans.

The individuals responsible for this collaborative effort are listed below:

project management

programming line

Noah Steam Trekkies Unite118

translation line

translation team

CrouchingMaus MatatabiMitsu Natsume38 Neko

Managing Editor


Burntend’s Crouching Mouse Mattobii Natsume38

Graphics Modification

Joqu Mattobii NoahSteam The opponent TrekkiesUnite118

FMV subtitles

Programming: TrekkiesUnite118 Translation: MattoBii

Talent Recruitment

Special thanks

CJ Iwakura Itsumo Knight Saturn Dave

The team also translated the game’s demo, which was released before the title’s full release in 1998 Patch is currently available for download.

The trailer announcing this project can be viewed below, even with English narration. After Project Manager NoahSteamMost of the translation is done, so potential players won’t have to wait much longer.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the Sakura Wars reboot launched for the PlayStation 4.

We also interviewed the game’s director, Tetsuya Ootsubo.

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