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‘Extra’ Defends Billy Bush After Sexualized Kendall Jenner Joke

‘Extra’ Defends Billy Bush After Sexualized Kendall Jenner Joke

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Another hot mic moment has Billy Bush under scrutiny, but it seems the leaked audio won’t cost the TV host a job this time.

On Friday, January 6th The daily beast released audio of Bush making a sexualized joke about Kendall Jenner on the set of Extra on October 31, 2022. While looking at a photo of Jenner dressed up as Jessie from Toy Story 2, Bush made a joke about Toy Story character Woody. “Kendall plays Jessie and, believe me, there were a lot of Woodies,” Bush said over audio, to which the production staff laughed.

However, in the segment it aired, Bush made a toned-down comment on Jenner’s Jessie getup, saying that it “would be hard to ever watch Toy Story the same way.”

But the Extra team supports Bush, who has hosted the syndicated newsmagazine since 2019. “As with many forms of production in the entertainment industry, the show’s creative process allows for the flexibility to try different jokes and quips,” a representative for Telepictures, Extra’s production company, said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “Some material ends up on the cutting room floor, including comments that may be too edgy to be aired on TV.”

In 2016, Bush was fired from Today after the Washington Post published an audio of a 2005 conversation between Bush and Donald Trump in which Bush, then on Access Hollywood, laughed as Trump boasted about slapping women by the genitals pack.

“Looking back at what was said on that bus, I wish I had changed the subject. [Trump] liked television and competition. I could have said, “Can you believe the reviews on whatever?” But I didn’t have the strength of character,” Bush later said The Hollywood Reporter. “I was shocked and alarmed [by the leaked video] and totally and completely gutted. It was awful. And my participation was terrible too.”

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