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Get a Pilates Body With These Top-Notch Apps – Review Geek

Get a Pilates Body With These Top-Notch Apps – Review Geek

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If you think going to the gym is the only way to get a great workout, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Pilates is an effective and fun workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Now you might be thinking that you have no idea how to start. Luckily, there are plenty of top-notch apps that can help you.

We have compiled a list of the best Pilates apps for Android and iOS so you can find the perfect one to help you get a Pilates physique. This list includes everything from apps that help you jumpstart a quick Pilates session to apps that offer fun seasonal challenges.

Best for a quick Pilates workout: 5 Minute Pilates Workout

Several images show cartoon images of people doing Pilates.5 Minute Pilates Workout

When you have a busy schedule, you may find that there is no time for a Pilates workout. However, you can reap real benefits by practicing for just five minutes a day. You can see for yourself when you use 5 Minute Pilates Workouts for Android and iOS.

This app prides itself on offering quick and easy Pilates workouts that will strengthen your core while improving your flexibility. Every day you can choose one or more workouts from a list of more than 70 sessions. Each exercise comes with a clear description and 3D animation, so all you have to do is roll out a mat and keep going until the five-minute timer is up.

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Best for Pilates (and more): Alo Moves

Several images show the user interface of the Alo Moves app.Alo moves

Maybe making time for exercise isn’t a problem for you. Instead, you might worry that you’ll get bored of just doing Pilates every day. Alo moves for Android and iOS has a solution. This app offers more than just Pilates. It also offers yoga, fitness, and mindfulness classes.

You can search the app for recommended classes based on your fitness goals and interests. Experienced instructors lead you through Pilates classes of varying lengths, as well as thousands of yoga, HIIT, strength, cardio, barre, and mindfulness sessions. With so much variety and new classes every week, you can keep your workout routine fresh and interesting.

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Best for an upbeat approach: BODY by Blogilates

Several images show the interface of the BODY by Blogilates app.BODY by Blogilates

Blogilates’ Cassey Ho has become one of the biggest names in Pilates thanks to her thriving YouTube channel and her sassy demeanor. Therefore, no list of the best Pilates apps would be complete without mentioning BODY by Blogilates for Android and iOS.

Her colorful and fun app reflects her upbeat personality and approach to Pilates. Cassey encourages and guides you through her extensive collection of Pilates classes and challenges that target every part of the body. You can work on specific areas or do a full body workout whether you’re at home or on the go.

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The Best of a Celebrity Coach: MWH: Fitness + Wellness

Several images show the user interface of the MWH: Fitness + Wellness app.MWH: Fitness + Wellness

Do you wish you could take a Pilates class with a famous trainer like Melissa Wood-Tepperberg? This is now continuing thanks to the MWH:Fitness+Wellness app iOS and Androidwhich has been featured in Vogue and Forbes.

Melissa and her team built this app to allow users to customize their workout experience from a library of 500+ workouts and meditations. Every week you will find new courses in three intensity levels as well as live streaming courses. And because MWH: Fitness + Wellness is also a lifestyle platform; you will find recipes and lifestyle tips.

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Largest Library of Pilates Classes: Pilates Anytime Workouts

Several images show the user interface of the Pilates Anytime Workouts app.Pilates anytime workouts

If you’ve been doing Pilates for a while, you might think you’ve seen every type of workout. You might even start to get a little bored with your routine. Pilates Anytime Workouts can help you with its app for iOS and Android.

This Pilates app is one of the best because it has the largest library and variety of any app available. You can access 3,700+ Pilates workout videos taught by 200+ of the industry’s top trainers, and the app is adding new classes every week. Workshops, lectures, tutorials, and even Pilates history videos are also available in this comprehensive app.

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Best for seasonal challenges: Pilates workouts from Fittbe

Several images show the interface of the Pilates Workouts by Fittbe app.Fittbe Pilates workouts

Every season brings changes, so why not make positive changes to your body too? Fittbe Pilates workouts made just for iOSoffers fun Pilates challenges to help you sculpt a stronger, more flexible body.

By using this Pilates app, you can view classes led by a certified Pilates instructor with two decades of teaching experience. There are hundreds of Pilates, Barre, and Yogalates (a hybrid of yoga and Pilates) classes, as well as fun and effective seasonal fitness challenges that will keep you feeling fit and fabulous.

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