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Google Maps now offers turn-by-turn navigation on Wear OS without a phone connection

Google Maps now offers turn-by-turn navigation on Wear OS without a phone connection

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Wear OS 3 users can now navigate without their phone as long as they use Google Maps and a compatible LTE smartwatch.

Google Pixel Watch map navigation

It’s been a little over a year since the launch of Wear OS 3 on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4. A number of Wear OS 3 smartwatches have since launched, most notably Google’s own Pixel Watch. While Wear OS 3 has seen a number of improvements with a host of updates since its launch, perhaps the most significant has now arrived, allowing users to get turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps without the use of a connected smartphone.

Google shared news of the update via its Wear OS support page, letting users know that going forward they will be able to enjoy turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps on their compatible Wear OS smartwatches, without the need for a tethered smartphone is. Well, while it sounds exciting and convenient, it doesn’t completely free you from a wireless connection. Instead, users who want to use this feature must use a smartwatch with an LTE connection. That means only a handful of Wear OS 3 products currently support this feature, with some of the most popular options being the Pixel Watch or the Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE.

To try this out, launch the Google Maps app on your compatible smartwatch and you can either use the display to search for navigation points or use the “Hey Google” command to get directions. In most cases, this should be an excellent addition to the user experience. The announcement comes at perfect time considering that CES 2023 is underway and the company has also announced changes to Android Auto with its new split-screen redesign, along with changes coming for the Android 13 media player, and how it will support Spotify Connect devices in the near future.

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