Hakeem Jeffries goes through the ABCs of Democrats in a speech by minority leaders

Hakeem Jeffries goes through the ABCs of Democrats in a speech by minority leaders

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Rep. Hakeem Jeffries felt musical on the House floor after being elected House Minority Leader for the Democratic Party … and he got his song heard by everyone, from A to Z.

The New York congressman – who was the clear favorite among his peers for House Speaker after 15 rounds of voting – delivered his speech early Saturday morning after Rep. Kevin McCarthy finally won the gavel amid a divided Republican party.

We’ll get to him in a moment, but first… listen to Jeffries’ ABC of Red, White, and Blue. He went through the entire alphabet to compare and contrast the basic principles of his caucus.

It begins with American Values ​​over Autocracy, Benevolence over Bigotry, Constitution over Cult… and finally ends with Zealous Representation over Zero Sum Confrontation, covering every letter in between. It has a good rhythm, similar to the real alphabet song!

Jeffries got huge applause the whole time and what sounds like a standing O at the end.

One could argue that there was just as much enthusiasm within the GOP when House Speaker McCarthy made his remarks concluding the long night… as he promised to push a strong conservative agenda and run many presidents. Biden’s politics.

McCarthy’s victory came after an agonizing 15 rounds of voting over 4 full days…during which he slowly began to turn enough Republican votes among the holdouts in his favor.

Kevin McCarthy wins election as Speaker of the House pic.twitter.com/1BPeCB65KX

— The Postmillennial (@TPostMillennial) January 7, 2023

He reportedly gave away the farm to secure speakership and made a number of concessions that weaken his position. But hey, he’s got the title now… and on we go.

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