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HealthAtom Equips Small Healthcare Facilities in LatAm With Cloud-Based Operations • Alaska Green Light Blog

HealthAtom Equips Small Healthcare Facilities in LatAm With Cloud-Based Operations • Alaska Green Light Blog

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HealthAtom aims to become the cloud-based operating system of choice for small and medium-sized healthcare companies across Latin America (LatAm). Although the company has been around since 2012, this is the first time it has announced $10 million in fresh capital.

HealthAtom’s medilink and dentallink software suites enable clinics to create schedules, manage electronic medical records, manage inventory, manage payroll, and provide budget breakdowns and regulatory filings. They also have telemedicine capabilities that allow patients to access their records on a mobile device.

Provider will contact HealthAtom with information about the size of its operations and its needs and desires. After a consultation, a plan is drawn up and information can be pushed to the cloud platform in compliance with local regulations. According to the founders, a clinic can get its operations up and running on the system within 3 hours.

Depending on the size of the operation and local regulations, a clinic can pay anywhere from $20 to $20,000 per month. Today, HealthAtom has nearly 6,500 customers in 20 countries with main offices in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. In addition, 50,000 doctors and dentists use the company’s services and process over 42 million appointments annually.

“We’re where the selling tension occurs at the information level,” said co-founder and CEO Roberto León in an interview with Alaska Green Light Blog (conducted in Spanish and translated by the author). “It’s a tool that could go beyond SaaS and transform us into a technology solution that has integrated the entire ecosystem to increase visibility into healthcare processes.”

according to a report The digital rollout to healthcare systems in LatAm, conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, targeted larger hospitals and neglected small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, offers for SMEs are often less affordable and do not offer what a clinic needs. HealthAtom wants to be part of the solution by being the “one stop shop” for small and medium sized healthcare clinics to run their operations.

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Although there are some local and country-specific companies offering similar services, HealthAtom remains the only LatAm-wide provider. Though the company offers continental reach, the founders told Alaska Green Light Blog it has been challenging to meet each country’s regulations.

“There are rules and regulations about how things are signed, how information is stored, and how certain health data should be recorded,” said co-founder and CPO Daniel Guajardo. “All of this varies from country to country and has allowed us to focus on a highly regionalized product over these 10 years of bootstrapping.”

HealthAtom has received support in the form of a $10 million Series A led by Kayyak Ventures, featuring FJ Labs, Soma, Amador, Taram and a (number) of Angels.

Funds from this round will go toward integrating embedded payments into its software, building partnerships with insurance companies, and developing a patient loan program.

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