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House of the Dragon Season 2: The Top Challenge premiere date

House of the Dragon Season 2: The Top Challenge premiere date

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house of dragon season 1Isn’t it fantastic to know that a house of the dragon Season 2 is on the way? Filming of the latest chapter will start in a few months!

We know there was a time when there was a lot of nervousness about this show’s return to HBO, and it’s understandable. Keep in mind that there was nothing guaranteed that this show would be able to bridge the breakup caused by the original Game of Thrones series finale, but it did! Now there’s real excitement and there are actually some new challenges for the series to face.

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What is one of the greats? It’s actually as simple as trying to wrap up all the finer details about the next season. With all the enthusiasm that’s out there now, it’s actually not going to be nearly that easy. We expect HBO will be working their hardest over the next few months to keep everything under as heavy a veil as possible. It also feels like the cast have been asked to remain as silent as possible about what’s to come, even though there’s already a roadmap in George RR Martin’s Fire & Blood.

The other big challenge for HBO will be trying to figure out a premiere date that doesn’t feel like it’s forever away. Keep in mind here that the network has already announced that the show won’t be returning this year; That being said, we strongly believe they would like to see it in the first half of 2024. They can use this show to promote some other things in their schedule and we don’t think they want that where there’s a new season every two years.

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What do you think will be the hardest part of waiting for House of the Dragon Season 2 on HBO?

Be sure to share in the comments! If you did just that, be sure to come back for more updates. (Photo: HBO.)

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