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how close is it

how close is it

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The witcher season 2How close are we really from The Witcher season 3 on Netflix? We’re on the other side of Blood Origin, so we’re slowly moving there.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news here: We’ll be waiting here for a long time. Since the streaming service chose not to reveal anything about the next chapter during the prequel, we’re inclined to think they’re in no rush here. There will certainly be some more news to come, but there is no such precise timetable for it.

For now, at least here’s what we can tell you. Season 3 is currently slated for summer, so chances are we’re about six or seven months away from seeing it. In the meantime, we’re probably a good three or four months away from any news on the premiere date. Even though this show has been in filming for quite some time, we can already see that the streaming service won’t be rushing anything when it comes to post-production. Summer is also a key point for Netflix as they need some high profile shows there and this is one of the biggest they have.

Are there still some serious question marks when it comes to the future of this show? Absolutely, with one of the biggest being the promotion surrounding Henry Cavill’s imminent departure. It’s incredibly unusual for the lead actor in a scripted drama series to resign after just a few years, especially in a way that leads to a rewrite. There will be a lot of questions about this, but we’re sure the streamer is already prepared.

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Is there anything you particularly want to see when it comes to The Witcher season 3, at least when it comes to news?

Be sure to let us know in the comments! After you’ve done just that, remember to come back later for some other updates. (Photo: Netflix.)

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