Huobi’s future in doubt as harsh allegations of dismissal have been refuted

Huobi’s future in doubt as harsh allegations of dismissal have been refuted

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Although a Huobi lawyer dismissed the reports, the community has advised users to remove funds in response to rumors that the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has laid off staff and halted internal communications.

Sun also appeared to dismiss rumors of dissatisfied employees, stating that Huobi will “fully respect the legal needs of local employees.”

Huobi advisor Justin Sun refuted reports of alleged bankruptcy in a Jan. 5 tweet, noting that the exchange’s business performance is “excellent” and “the security of client assets will always be fully preserved.”

Earlier on Jan. 3, cryptocurrency reporter Colin Wu revealed that Sun switched Huobi employees’ salary from being paid in fiat to being paid in tether or bitcoin. Wu claimed that those employees who objected to the adjustment could be fired.

According to Wu, some employees protested the decision to switch salary payments from currency to stablecoins.

Wu said in December, citing insiders, that Huobi had scrapped year-end bonuses and was preparing to lay off up to half of its 1,200 employees.

According to a tweet from the BitRun account on Jan.

According to BitRun, the process is “not protected by government regulations,” so Huobi employees could “take user assets directly or programmers plant backdoor Trojans” and stage a coup.

Huobi is headquartered in Seychelles with offices there, Hong Kong, USA, Japan and South Korea. It is a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. One Twitter user claimed Huobi “seems to be melting in real time” as a result of the alarming alert, and others advised users to withdraw funds from the exchange over the rumours.

According to statistics from CoinGecko, Huobi Token is down around 7% over the past day. Huobi was contacted by Cointelegraph for comment, but no response has been received at the time of publication.

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Huobi’s future is in doubt as the harsh allegations of sacking have been refuted. Check all the news and articles from the latest business news updates.

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