Is Kanye West dead? $400M Rich Rapper Missing Sparks Worries Hollywood Mafia Has Been Chasing Him

Is Kanye West dead? $400M Rich Rapper Missing Sparks Worries Hollywood Mafia Has Been Chasing Him

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If you’ve been waiting for 2023 to start with a bang, what could be bigger than the possible death of Kanye West? Yes, rumors of the missing rapper have been around the corner for over a few days, and no one has seen him in weeks. Daily Loud, a hip-hop news outlet, used its Twitter account to share the news of the Donda rapper, who his ex-CEO says has been missing for weeks. West had a really rough year as his fortune took a huge tumble following anti-Semitic comments. His countless efforts to reconcile with Kim Kardashian have all been in vain and their divorce has been finalized and he has been ordered to pay an unfairly large sum in child support despite the fact that the SKIMS founder is a billionaire herself.

And since he was not very successful in either his private or professional life, the disappearance seems to him like the last nail in the coffin.

Kanye West’s disappearance becomes the biggest breaking news story of 2023 yet

Kanye West has disappearedKanyeWest

Kanye West isn’t in the best of places. After Yeezy was dropped by numerous brands, the most notable being Adidas, the 45-year-old also lost his billionaire status. And it didn’t end there. The Grammy winner was reportedly struggling financially and couldn’t even afford to pay the rent for his Yeezy office. Rumors also suggested he was ready to sell his luxury car collection to help cope with the money problems.

He was also sued by an ex-manager for breach of contract. And what do we know, when he was caught by this hurricane, he suddenly disappeared.

Kanye West is supposed to be deadDead or alive?

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Twitter has been taken by storm since the news that he is missing and presumed dead hit the streets.

Kanye West is officially missing!

There are paparazzi photos of Kanye West but this is from December 18th.

Nobody has seen him for a few weeks.
Nobody had been in contact with him.
His family submitted.

KANYE WEST DEATH WILL BE FOUND A (2023) TABLOID😱#Kanye #Absence #Fyp pic.twitter.com/iMMkz6IC34

— S ☆ CONTENT (@stolencontenton) December 31, 2022

If Kanye West turns up dead, I’m seriously going to take fentanyl to deal with it.

— JesseJe (@JesseJe44444) January 1, 2023

What do you think, is he dead or alive? #kanyemissing #Kanye West pic.twitter.com/u4YSRjByhJ

— Julius (@juliuskingjk1) January 2, 2023

Is it true that Kanye West was found dead in his car in the desert outside of Coachella, California this afternoon?

— pocketrockets #resist….. I stand by Ukraine (@rogergold) December 29, 2022

Some fans even claimed that the Bound 2 rapper’s death would certainly point to a conspiracy.

if #KanyeWest appears to be missing, turns up dead at a hotel, overdosed or by suicide. I will be very angry about that #Government. #2023Files Agenda #CIA clearance

— Waken (@Lilwaken) December 27, 2022

Your Kanye is missing and if he’s found dead we have to admit he knows some serious shit and some serious people. #KanyeWest #Kanye #KanyeMissing

— ʎuooɯ Al-Mumin 🧜‍♀️ (@mermoonchild) December 31, 2022

And those fans aren’t the only ones who think West is a victim of a bigger organization out there.

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Jeffree Star claimed Kanye West is being targeted by the Hollywood Illuminati

Jeffree Star claims Kanye West was targeted by the Hollywood IlluminatiJeffreeStar

American YouTuber Jeffree Star seems to think that rapper Praise God is a victim of the Hollywood Illuminati along with himself and Britney Spears. The owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics posted a series of tweets on Dec. 31 claiming he was happy the Illuminati hadn’t killed him yet, despite targeting him back in 2021.

What a crazy fucking year… I fled the Illuminati in 2021 and they still haven’t killed me. Every day I wake up grateful.

— Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) December 30, 2022

The 37-year-old attributed all the controversies he’s been involved in since 2020 to trying to expose Hollywood elites and saying the dent in his reputation was their doing. He then claimed that the Toxic singer and the Gold Digger rapper were being targeted by the same elites.

Combine that with the news that Ye has indeed disappeared and the fear has literally materialized for some of his fans.

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