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Jackery Unveils Its Largest Portable Power Plant Yet – Review Geek

Jackery Unveils Its Largest Portable Power Plant Yet – Review Geek

#Jackery #Unveils #Largest #Portable #Power #Plant #Review #Geek Welcome to Alaska Green Light Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The Jackery Explorer 3000 packs plenty of power, wheels and a grip.

Jackety 3000 power plant on a lake.Jackery

Portable power stations are great devices for emergencies, power outages, or for those going offline. And while I reviewed several large battery packs to launch 2023 last year, Jackery announced its largest and most powerful model yet at CES.

Like other large battery packs on the market, the new Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro Power Station delivers over 3,000W of on-demand power. Seriously, that’s a lot of juice. It will be available as a standalone device or paired with solar panels withJackery’s Solar Generator 3000 Pro package.

For those who don’t know, a portable power station is a battery pack, often the size of a small cooler, filled only with battery cells instead of beverages. Portable power stations have multiple ports that you can use to power and charge phones, coffee makers, fans, drones, an electric grill, and more. Or, if it’s as big as the new Jackery Explorer 3000, you can even power an RV or trailer.

Jackery released a 2,000W machine last year, but this latest model is their most powerful yet. It’s packed with tons of power, fast charge ports, USB and even a 30A RV socket. However, those with a newer 50Amp RV may need an adapter.

Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro at a campsite.Jackery

The new Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro (and Solar Generator 3000 Pro) can charge anything and everything thanks to 10 different ports, including four regular AC outlets, one 12V cigarette socket, two USB-C PD fast charge ports, two USB-A ( Quick Charge 3.0) ports and the 30A RV plug. In addition, you will find additional pins on the back to charge the power station itself or to connect it to the solar panels to charge it with the sun outdoors.

Similar to other Jackery power stations, the new Explorer 3000 Pro features a large LCD display with helpful power input/output information and convenient carry handles on either side. This new model has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so users can check battery levels or control connected devices with the Jackery app. In addition to such a powerful machine that weighs 62 pounds,Jackery added durable off-road wheels and a suitcase-style telescoping handle that pulls up from the top.

For comparison, many competing power plants weigh the same or more at lower output power, making the Jackery 3000 Pro one of the lightest in its class. You can quickly charge the entire device in about 2.5 hours from a wall outlet at home, or take advantage of Jackery’s 200W SolarSaga solar panels (up to 1200W input power) when you’re off the grid.

Jackery told Review Geek that it will be available in February for around $3,000.

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