Jae Crowder is looking for a PJ Tucker-Fischer-type deal on his next deal

Jae Crowder is looking for a PJ Tucker-Fischer-type deal on his next deal

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Apparently Jae Crowder is looking for a purse similar to PJ Tucker’s.

When reported from Yahoo! Sports, Crowder’s Jake Fischer is targeting another big payday similar to the Philadelphia 76ers forward.

Most notably, 37-year-old Tucker earned his last lucrative paycheck from last offseason when he signed a fully guaranteed, three-year, $33.2 million contract with the Sixers. He came out in what might have been the best year of his career with the Miami Heat in the previous 2021-22 season, where he averaged 7.6 points, 5.5 boards and 41.5 percent efficient shots from three-point range.

In Tucker’s case, aside from the championship lineage he has to offer, he had solid evidence that he deserved that contract. But for Crowder, it seems difficult on his side.

The veteran is staying away from basketball activities after agreeing to work for a trade with the Phoenix Suns. As he is currently sitting out and patiently waiting for another team to take care of him, his value remains unchanged as this season is his contract year

In order for him to land a contract similar to Tucker’s, he must be able to show and entice applicants that he can at least contribute to his upcoming new team.

Despite being a coveted asset in today’s game due to his 3-and-D tendencies, Crowder desperately needs to earn that bag – and he can only hope he does so with the latest club he’s joined after the expected official will land divorce with the suns.

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