Jeremy Clarkson sparks row over farm wages as Kaleb Cooper fumes at ‘young apprentice’ dig | Celebrity News | Show Business & TV

Jeremy Clarkson sparks row over farm wages as Kaleb Cooper fumes at ‘young apprentice’ dig | Celebrity News | Show Business & TV

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Kaleb Cooper may be almost 40 years younger than 62-year-old Jeremy Clarkson, but he vehemently denied the suggestion that he was the Clarkson’s Farm star’s “young apprentice”. The farmer insisted all he learned from his older mentor was “television” and the geographic location of countries like Africa, while telling Jeremy he will “never learn” certain skills.

On the Performance People podcast, Jeremy looked at his young pal with affection as he mused, “He’s my young apprentice but he knows more about it than I do, which is weird.”

Kaleb grimaced before shooting back, “I’m not your young apprentice!”

The pair regularly hit each other in what some viewers have branded as a “battle of egos.”

It was even revealed earlier this week that Kaleb had stormed off the farm after criticizing Jeremy’s “stupidest idea yet” – his plan to become a pig farmer.

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Back on the podcast, Jeremy argued with his co-star over the description of the “apprentice,” arguing, “Well, you’re young and I’m paying your wages!”

“You pay some of my wages. I should be paid to take care of you!” Kaleb declared.

“Actually, you GET paid to take care of me,” Jeremy quipped.

When the podcast hosts asked what he thought Kaleb had learned from Jeremy, there was a long pause during which he looked sheepishly at his co-star.

“Television,” he finally decided before adding, “and a bit of geography – I know where Africa is now!”

Jeremy sounded more appreciative when asked what he learned from his young co-star, marveling: “The list goes on and on!”

“I still haven’t learned how to attach something to the back of a truck,” he joked.

“I don’t think you ever will. You won’t learn that. That’s not a skill you’re going to pick up, okay? I’ll do this for you forever,” Kaleb told him.

Shy Jeremy admitted: “When it comes to how to hitch the tractor, there just isn’t enough space in my head. I’m just not practical!”

Meanwhile, the couple’s verbal exchange on the show has made for riveting viewing on a regular basis.

Kaleb was occasionally forced to pull Jeremy’s £40,000 Lamborghini tractor out of a ditch after crashing into it before taunting Jeremy that the valuable equipment was just an “ornamental”.

He also hasn’t resisted calling him a “fucking idiot” as Jeremy grapples with the challenging lifestyle of a farmer.

Kaleb previously admitted he’d never read a book – and the first one he picked up, Jeremy’s Diddly Squat: One Year On the Farm, contained colorful insults about him.

However, Kaleb denied claims that he was a “tractor driver” and hit back in an interview with the times: “That’s fucking shit. I’m a farm manager. I’m the boss. It’s Kaleb’s farm, secretly.”

Jeremy went to the Times this week to explain that Kaleb rolled his eyes after hearing about his plans to get into pig farming.

The Amazon Prime star joked about his quick exit after breaking the news: “He got in his pick-up truck and went to Cornwall for a week!”

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